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Maximize Your Pre Workout Routine with Pre JYM

Author: Samuel Moore
by Samuel Moore
Posted: Jun 20, 2014
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As most experienced bodybuilders and weightlifters know, there are few things as important as maximizing your time at the gym. Diet and recovery are important, true, but if you are looking to make serious gains, you need laser sharp focus and energy during your workouts to squeeze out every additional weight that you can. And that's where your pre-workout routine and supplements like Pre JYM comes in to play.

What is a pre workout routine?

Your pre workout routine is everything you need to do to prepare your mind, body, and soul for your workout experience. You should incorporate rigorous full body stretches, and heavily target the areas you are going to work out that day. The pre workout should insure you are fully hydrated, and have the proper diet and nutrition to last for your entire workout.

How do supplements help my pre-workout?

During your pre workout you are getting your body prepared for war. You might think that just showing up is half the battle, but if your body is not prepared to give 110% at the gym, you're probably not going to see the amazing gains like you see from professional bodybuilders. To continue to keep building muscle, your body needs energy, your mind needs focus, and your body needs the muscle enhancing nutrients to go the extra mile.

Pre JYM is a pre workout supplement designed to do just that: delivering that extra muscle energy your body needs to blast each muscle fiber your workouts focus on. Thus you can break out of hitting any plateaus you are stuck on and add additional weight every time you work out. After all, constantly adding more weights to your workouts and pushing your muscles to the extreme is the only way to improve.

How does pre JYM work?

Pre-workout supplements like Pre JYM work a lot different than the post workout shakes you're probably already familiar with. With a post-workout supplement you're mainly focusing on muscle recovery: Protein, L-Glutamine, and Creatine are the most popular options. Recovery is where it counts, it's the time when your body builds and strengthens each muscle fiber.

But a pre-workout supplement is all about maximizing your workout. Without a good proper workout, the best recovery drink in the world cannot give you the muscle enhancing results you are looking for. It's a placebo at best, and at worst, a giant waste of money. Experienced bodybuilders know that every time they step in to the gym, they're preparing for a body-blasting workout hyper-targeting every muscle group they are working on that day. Pre JYM's blend of energy enhancing ingredients can deliver that experience every time, especially on those days when you're feeling sluggish and unmotivated.

Furthermore: studies have shown that creatine supplementation is more effective at increasing strength gains when taken both before and after your workout, rather than just taking it all at once.

Bottom-line: if you're starting to lose focus at the gym and it's hard to gain back that motivation you had when you first started going: you need a pre-workout routine. You need proper planning and preparation. And a pre-workout supplement like Pre JYM is a great way to give yourself a quick boost to your mental and physical faculties that will give back that incredible hulk feeling when you go and start your first exercise of the day.

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