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10 Tips to Avoid Divorce

Author: Amanda Frank
by Amanda Frank
Posted: May 16, 2019

Do we marry to get a divorce? Of course, not! We never see our union fall apart in the end for pity reasons. Here is a pack of authentic tips for you to avoid divorce and save your tie.

  1. Avoid Run-insThe very first thing that becomes the reason of divorce is the usual practice of run-ins. It is harmful for your married life; however spats, leg-pulls or ruses are alright are rather healthy for a flamboyant relation.
  2. Express Love & RespectWe all expect love from our spouses; it is a base for a solid relation either so express it whole-heartedly along with respect. Since respecting your partner is obvious for both the parties. Without it nothing works no matter how truly you love your companion, how much care do you show to them and how serious are you about them. Just respect them before anything else.
  3. Indicate CareOkay, done your love and respect for your mate, but nothing would work if you do not show signs of care for them. Hence, do small things for them like arranging parties, taking them out for lunch/dinner, present gifts every now and then etc.
  4. Reveal TrustIf your better half tells you a story, anecdote, or anything about them; listen with ears open, take interest in it and reveal full trust. It helps in building a strong relationship. Moreover, support your partner fully when need arise.
  5. Share FeelingsHiding your real feelings in an accord is never likeable. Do not push them back, be open up with your partner and share your good or bad feeling about everything.
  6. Comment & ComplimentIf your soul mate is wearing, doing or saying something nice, do not hesitate to encourage them. (Some marriage counselors even suggest complimenting even if your partner is not looking so good). Always comment positively about them privately and publicly.
  7. Spend Leisure Hours with Your SpouseTake time and spend it with the person you are tied-in. have fun on weekends even if you are staying at home, doing nothing. Give time to your partner. Do some interesting activities with them, play games together or watch their movie together.
  8. Develop UnderstandingDeveloping understanding for a long-term affinity is a must. Strive high to understand your concomitant’s nature, habits, likes and dislikes with interest and see the magical results.
  9. Kill your pride and egoAn immaculate relation could only be achieved when you kill your pride and ego for researches have proved that ego-centric people are more liable to end up in annihilation.

10. Never Live with Your Partner before Tying the KnotAmanda' the chief editor and senior family relationship writer at assignment help Australia says, Studies have shown that divorce rate between couples living together before marriage was higher than those who were not. So, avoid adopting this kind of life style.

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