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Small Guide to Getting Right Car Pressure Washer

Author: Karan Sethi
by Karan Sethi
Posted: May 16, 2019

All the car pressure washer works exactly in proper way without any regards to application, price or the size. The only big difference among all the pressure washers is the source of power that you can use. Hence the pressure washer can be identified into three basic types including electric, gas powered and professional.

Starting the discussion with electric power washes. These electric power car washer are needed to be professionally hooked up to the power outlet but are easy to use because it is light to handle and portable. Then comes the gas power model of the car pressure washer, it is much powerful but it comes to its usage, the portability is strictly determined by the hose length connected the machine. The last one that is professional pressure washer is mounted on trucks typically.

Power of the Car Pressure Washer:

The most important point to note down is the power of the pressure washer doesn’t actually refer to the quantum of HP (horsepower) generated by the engine of the unit as it is not an accurate way of measuring the real power. The better technical term would be the cleaning power that is measured in terms of GPM (gallon per minute) and the PSI (pounds per square inch).

Let’s dive a bit deep in the technicalities. What is PSI?

PSI is a term for the water pressure from the jet emerging from spray wand. Whereas, GPI measures the volume or the water flow accurately delivered by the car pressure washer. Both of the measurements are very important as the pressure breaks down the hard dirt and the water flow rinses it off. Keeping these in mind, when you step ahead to buy high-pressure car washer online or by dealers, keep these technical terms in mind.

  • Numbers:

An electric car pressure washer delivers usually 1300 to 1800 PSI and 1.5 GPM. This is enough for light cleanings like cleaning the window shutters, outdoor furniture, mildew, grills, and car washing. One of the best points about the electric washers is that they won’t spew the fumes. In any case of the gas-powered car pressure washer, one of the standard figures are 2.5 GPM and PSI figure ranges from 2k to 3k. They are best suited for heavy-duty chores like cleaning decks, patios, walkways, sidewalks, and sidings.

As for the professional’s high-pressure car washers, they properly deliver approx. 4000 PSI. Few of the models takes away the amount to 7000 PSI, that can cut using metal. They are potentially designed for heavy-duty tasks such as stripping paint, graffiti, industrial cleaning, oily stains, concrete surfaces, etc.


Car pressure washers that can differ from one term to other of providing few of the whistles and bells. Few of the accessories might be important for availing high performance of the car washers.

  • High-pressure hose: the car pressure washer might typically turn up with the 25 ft hose that enables cleaning of most of the spaces.
  • Spray Nozzles: most of the type helps you in the selection of the correct amount of pressure rising from the wand and even the spray angle. This explains the pressure washer to be more versatile.
  • Onboard Storage: this specialty of the pressure car washer enables you in stowing away the extension cords, hoses and nozzles like that all the items are properly secured at one safe place and reduces the chances of any misplacing.
  • Transport Wheels: because it is likely which you might be moving the pressure washer from a location to different one, it is better to choose the unit that comes properly equipped with the running wheels of the vehicles. Good ones better include those which are professionally fitted using the off-road, large tires that are best suited for every kind of terrains.
  • Carrying Handles: these carrying handles turns up in handy for car pressure washers that have the telescopic designs.
  • Detergents: in spite of all minor to major cleaning effects, car pressure washer needs few quantities of detergents for cleaning up the car but do remember that the detergent used is mild as it can corrode the car exterior surface. Most of the car pressure washers are featured with detergent tanks for this purpose. Ensure that you match the appropriate pressure washers model using effective detergents. Purchase the detergents only after thoroughly going through its manual.

You just prefer and demand junk removal. The high-pressure washer can exile effectively the grimes in just blink of eyes in comparison to a bucket full of water and a brush. It easily transforms the humble garden hose in dirt demolishing and deep cleaning machine. Before you break down the heavy artillery, always remember that the pressure washer needs to be used with proper care. These car wash machines deliver a powerful and pressurized stream of water that can wash away dirt along with the dirt. So, before using the car pressure washer directly onto the car, first, go through the manual provided along with the machinery. On an average note, a car pressure washer uses an electric motor or gas engines for powering a pump that forces the water at higher pressure through a better concentrating nozzle for instantly blasting the layered grimes over the car surface. This high-pressure car washer is good for cleaning the heavy dirty car in comparison to the traditional method of car wash that was a bucket and sponge car cleaning method.

So, owning a high-pressure car washer can bring lots of noticeable differences in your car cleaning outcome. If you are in search of getting the best car washer for satisfying your needs, you can directly contact to Manmachine Works as we are one of the best brands for car cleaning products. To get connected to our experts so as to understand this car washer machine, dial 93-133-57889 or can build up your trust factor by going through our website We understand the importance of cleanliness, so we always try to give the best product for cleaning to our customers.

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