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Furnish Your Home in Ultra-Modern Style with Veneer Plywood at Saburi Ply!

Author: Raju Sharma
by Raju Sharma
Posted: Jun 15, 2019

A human being is a social animal and likes to live in a group, which we call a society. We also love to live in a neat, tidy, clean and sophisticated environment. Our homes are also not an exception to this. Since ancient times, we live in well-furnished homes. Even though the furniture styles are different for different civilizations, but still, many similarities are found amongst the different furniture styles from different cultures. This happened as people used to migrate from one place to another place in the search of food, shelter, water, money, and of course business! In the process of migration, many cultural imprints were left behind by the migrants and the same was carried forward by their successors.

Modern furniture refers to something which was produced from the late 19th century through the present. The modern furniture style is influenced by modernism. Some of the major incidents such as World War II and 1991’s globalization wave has impacted the modernism and made it much stronger than ever before. Till the 18th century, people use to give emphasis on the artistic and aesthetic nature of the furniture. But now, modernism is incorporating the practicality approach. People nowadays have become more practical and they are reflecting their nature while choosing the right piece of furniture for them. People opposed decorative art as now the days are gone when everyone used to do some sort of small scale business to feed their families and live happily. Now, everyone is running on the clicks of a watch and time has become equivalent to money now! So, people choose compact and comfortable, convenient, and of course affordable furnishing style for their ultra-modern and small-sized flats.

The ultra-modern furniture style comprises of the best-in-class and premium quality plywood that makes your furniture strong from within and aesthetic from outside. The veneer plywood is one of the most popular plywood which is used in India, due to its versatile nature. Especially, the plywood manufacturers in Kolkata use this plywood in making of rich and royal class furniture. The veneer plywood comes with highest strength, durability, ductility, and mobility. Being one of the thinnest slices of wood, obtained either by peeling the trunk of specific trees or by slicing large rectangular blocks of wood (also known as "flitches"). The external appearance of veneer ply is so aesthetic that it will leave you spellbound. This appearance of grain and marvelous figure in veneer wood comes from slicing through the growth rings of a tree and depends on the angle at which the wood is cut.

Plywood manufacturers in Kolkata use the following types of veneer plywood:

  • Raw Veneer: It has no backing and can be used with either side facing up.
    • Paper-backed veneer: This type of veneer is backed with paper. It comes in very larger pieces of wood sheets and beneficial for those who fed up of joining smaller pieces of veneer while making furniture.
    • Phenolic backed veneer: This type of veneer is less common and mainly used for composite and artificial veneer crafting. Eco-friendly is a trend nowadays and hence, this type of veneer is becoming more and more popular. This type of veneer plywood is more convenient on the curves while furnishing as it is less likely to crack.
    • Wood on wood: It is also called as 2-plywood. It is a decorative wood veneer face with a utility grade wood backer applied at an opposing direction to the face veneer.
    • Reconstituted veneer: This type of veneer is made from fast-growing tropical species. The raw veneer is first cut from a log and then dyed if necessary. After dying, the thinner sheets are laminated together to form a block. The block is then sliced to get the granular structure.
Plywood manufacturers in Kolkata use veneer plywood because of its following advantages:
    • Veneer ply is recyclable and renewable: In general, wood produces less air pollution, emission of greenhouse gases and other toxic elements. Per the survey, 70% overall less energy is required while using veneer wood as compared to other building materials. Hence, veneer wood is mostly used in modern furnishing.
    • A veneer is sustainable: Use of veneer extends the use of a piece of timber. This increases the sustainability of a veneer.
    • A veneer is non-toxic: The
    veneer plywood is completely non-toxic as it stores carbon and also maximizes the use of harvested wood. This is the most important reason, why plywood manufacturers in Kolkata use veneer plywood so extensively.
Now, let us see some of the ultra-modern tips to be used while making the ultra-modern furniture with the help of veneer wood:
    • When we say modern, it defines a broader term which typically refers to the home with clean, crisp lines with a simple and elegant color palette used which gives peace to your mind. The use of metal, glass, and steel in furnishing is also considered as a modern style of furnishing.
    • Contemporary style is one of the most popular styles which is used with modern styles interchangeably. Contemporary styles basically define the designs based on the here and now. Contemporary also reflects the glimpses of the past culture along with the modern one. It is a more fluid style which mixes many cultures with each other. So, basically, it is very hard to tell the exact definition of what contemporary is. It evolves and gives pleasure to our minds!
    • A minimalist approach is taking a pace to get rooted deeply in Indian societies nowadays. In this ultra-modern furnishing style, color palettes used are neutral and airy; whereas furnishing is simple and streamlined, making it simple, sweet and classy at the same time!
    • Rustic design is becoming more popular in India nowadays. Plywood manufacturers in Kolkata also recommend this kind of furnishing to your home if you’re ready to lose your pockets and are very passionate about your taste. This design is basically inspired by natural elements, which uses raw and often unfinished natural elements which may include wood and colored stones as well. Many designers use veneer plywood in rustic design, so as to give a more natural touch to this ultra-modern style of furnishing your home!
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