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Choose a Diploma in Safety Management that Delivers Career Success

Author: Vikash Singh
by Vikash Singh
Posted: May 18, 2019
industrial safety

We have no control over natural calamities striking, and causing large scale destructions, at best, damage control would be administered. But, when it comes to taking precautionary measures to avert disasters or minimize its extent, one can take matters into one’s hands to prevent untoward incidents and curtail ramifications thereof. While, as a general rule of thumb, we subconsciously approach routine tasks with caution and alertness, there are multitude of inflammable situations at the work space that a ‘trained professional’ is manoeuvring all along, albeit ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure the safety of employees, infrastructure and other crucial assets of the organization. Thereby, industrial safety management is an inevitable, and indispensable part of any dispensation be it corporate behemoths or mid-sized organizations or factories across sectors, and of course government establishments.

The professionals who render themselves unassumingly to ensure health, and safety at organizations are highly regarded and find themselves in high demand due to their rare expertise in a yet unsaturated job market, and the continual dearth of quality skills tend to fetch good remunerations, and a secure career growth. This is also underpinned by the fact that its’ mandatory for all organizations to have industrial safety departments. A Diploma in Safety Management or Industrial Safety Diploma will lead to a lucrative, secure, satisfying, and an evergreen upward trajectory career path.

Before you decide to embark on a career journey in industrial safety either through Diploma in safety management or Industrial safety diploma, always do a thorough scrutiny and check things off a checklist of aspects that need to be verified about the course or university. Keep a look out for the below parameters to indicate the ‘stature of the university’, narrow down on choices and finally arrive at the ‘zeroing in’.

Affiliations and a Valid Certificate

Check whether the diploma is valid and recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC). Look up on affiliations and accreditations of the college ‘under consideration’. This would save you the trouble, and anguish later at the time of employment.

Know the Faculty

Almost all renowned universities will have their faculty members listed on their website, specifically look for the faculty in the industrial safety branch, their qualifications and work experience, as ultimately you should be able to benefit from their knowledge. On discovering a significant presence of scholarly faculty in a university, one can safely assume the quality of academics would be exemplary, and uncompromised.

Placement Track Record

Typically, past placement records of batches are stated on the university’s website. Study it carefully and specifically to Industrial safety diploma branch. Make note of ‘how notable the organization is’ that have placed the pass-outs, look for ‘placement packages’, and importantly that all previous batches have been placed with a ‘100% placement record’.

Course Structure

Glance through the curriculum, and pedagogy, to gather information about the teaching methodology. The curriculum should be ‘up-to-date’ and ‘relevant’ infused with ‘technical skills’, ‘value-added certificates’ so you are eventually ‘job ready’. ‘Learn by doing’ is by far the best way to retain information so look for ‘experiential leaning’ through industry visits, check for industry linkages in the Industrial safety course.


Most universities offer scholarships to ‘deserving-candidates’. Look for details of ‘how to apply’, and ‘selection criteria’. Scholarships help ease the strain on parents for course outlays, and reduce financial burden, and in the process aid students to better focus on the core ‘academic-outcomes’.

This is how you can choose a Diploma in Safe Management from a renowned college to deliver success in your career.Know about certificate for project management here
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