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Learning Agile Change Management Through Change Management Courses In The UK Is What You Need Today

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: May 16, 2019
agile methodology

Most of the organizations implement some or other kind of agile methodology in their ways of managing initiatives, right from waterfall project methods on one end to pure agile methods on the other. However, in the projects in which the output of the change gets known upfront and where the needs do not change throughout the project, rely only on an agile approach is not sufficient. But, in the projects where end designs are not known, then the innovation is definitely valued, and an agile approach would be beneficial.

Though there are lots of resources available for the project managers about agile methodology, the same cannot be said about Agile Change Management. The relevance of the change management courses in the UK is evident in the fact that there is a significant impact of change on the customers and employees in the absence of a change manager on the project. The courses also enable experts to modify change in order to suit the agile methodology that helps in project management. Here are a few important takeaways that the change manager must note about agile manifesto to know the core of what agile is trying to achieve.

Iterative changes

Iterative changes are more effective than the big bang changes because it increases the chance of success and brings down the risk of failure. The change managers make incremental changes to come up with the right outcome ultimately. It helps the team of project managers to get feedback all through the project. The emphasis on constant change is the core of agile and testing and learning in design thinking are crucial aspects of it.

Multidisciplinary teams

Technical, business, and specialist teams from other disciplines are also encouraged to work together to bring innovative solutions that address the issue. Every discipline might approach a problem differently, and thus, when people with different approaches come together, innovative ideas are bound to come up. It is important for the change managers to perform well in such a situation for getting traction and delivering results without being bogged down by hierarchy.

Continuous and early engagement

Another part that is crucial to change is designing continuous and early engagement. The change managers are included in the project from the start, and they continue to have a strong involvement in the process. It is important to mention that this factor is really important because the solutions offered by the project continue to change within a short time period.

The change manager helps in scoping and sizing the impact of change in concern, the level of complexity involved, and offer an estimate of the extent of change management support that a project needs. Thus, the presence and the responsibilities of a change manager in the agile settings can never be undermined. Though there are various resources designed for the project managers about agile methodology, the same can't be said about Agile Change Management. Becoming such a change manager who acts as the trouble-shooter for the project can only be made possible with proper training.

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Fareed is a graduate of computer science engineering, a writer and marketing consultant. he continues to study on Nano technology and its resulting benefits to achieving almost there.

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