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5 Diamond Engagement Ring Cuts That Sparkle Most

Author: Lisa Jeeves
by Lisa Jeeves
Posted: Jun 21, 2014

Among the variety of stones usually chosen as wedding and engagement jewellery toppers, there is no denying which one ‘shines’ the brightest. While traditional stones such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies have been making a strong comeback as of late, alongside some new, bolder and more unique options, eight out of ten brides and grooms are still likely to go for a diamond as the perfect topper for this very special kind of ring.

The beauty of diamonds is not hard to explain and their main appeal is found in the way they reflect light and in the way they sparkle and shine. This is an important factor that is considered when cutting diamonds to all shapes, but some engagement ring cuts are just better than others at displaying the brilliance of a diamond. Here are five cuts that shine the brightest and best display a diamond’s beautiful fire.

A ‘Brilliant’ Selection

The round brilliant cut reflects the maximum amount of light through its 58 facets. It displays the most fire of any diamond cut, a fact that is reflected in the statistics that clearly show that half of all diamond sales use this cut. For versatile and classic engagement ring cuts that have maximum sparkle choose a round brilliant cut.

The Marquise cut is a close second for brilliance. This oval shaped cut with triangular tips looks like the hull of a small boat and is a great choice for someone looking for something a bit different to the standard brilliant cut, but with almost as much sparkle. If you’ve got royal blood, this could be the cut for you, as this cut was specially designed for French royalty.

The oval cut reflects 90% of the light that shines through it and comes in at third best for brilliance and fire. This engagement ring cut is shaped like an oval, believe it or not, and it optimises the carat weight of a diamond.

The pear cut is shaped like the fruit with a rounder, wider bottom. It is said to be a mixture of the brilliant round and marquise cuts. The unique shape has made it quite popular and it is definitely one of the best cuts for a super sparkly diamond.

The heart cut reflects 80% of the light passing through it. Cutely shaped like a heart, the perfect symbol of love, it makes the top five for its reflective qualities. The beautiful shape of the heart engagement ring cut means that less light can pass through its rounded edges, making it less brilliant than the cuts mentioned above.

Regardless of which of these five cuts a bride or groom eventually ends up choosing, however, he or she can rest assured that the stone in their ring will shine with an appropriately dazzling amount of fire.

Frank L Orman is the founder of the F&L Designer Guides, compiled and written to help consumers choose a unique engagement ring design. From diamonds to engagement ring cuts, from a princess cut to a Marquise cut, we have ideas and opinions covering all the options. Offering advice, tips and suggestions on how to choose that perfect ring, F&L will accompany you on every stage of your search to find the right designer.

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