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Product Photography - Learning to Effectively Sell Online

Author: Shaumik Maurya
by Shaumik Maurya
Posted: May 23, 2019

The Photographs that you use when listing your products online either in an online store or on auction sites like eBay can make a distinct difference in whether you make the sale or not. How many times have you viewed items online and decided that you would Not buy the product because of unclear pictures or pictures that weren't detailed enough to help you make up your mind? Many sales are lost for just this reason, bad product photography. Let's look at some tips for making your products irresistible and thus, increasing your sales.

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Lighting is Very Important

It cannot be stressed how important a role lighting plays when it comes to product photography. The lighting has a definite impact on how your products are perceived by potential buyers. While professional companies and photographers have special lighting procedures at their disposal to produce crystal clear images and dynamic effects, the average Joe selling on eBay or operating a small online business may not have fancy equipment to achieve the same results. A soft lighting box and a high resolution digital camera are fundamental to taking good pictures of your merchandise. You might also consider what is known as a macro lens for taking up close photographs of smaller items like jewellery or to showcase details of products.

Setting the Stage

The right staging of your products and Services is also More important in product photography. This means that you want to set the mood that best enhances or complements your merchandise. The atmosphere that your item is photographed in will change for different items; example, if you are photographing a clothing item, you want the item to be shown (optimally) on a mannequin so that the potential buyer of the item can get an idea of what the item look like when worn. If you are selling homemade treats, you might want to photograph the treats on a country breakfast table to remind the potential buyer of home cooked goodness. Creating the ideal environment for each product puts the product in the mind's eye of whoever you are looking to sell it to; show them how they can use it, what it will do for them.

Quality of Images

Although you might not be able to afford the best equipment, a Awesome camera is not that expensive. Achieving good quality images is important to effective product photography. It is also important for you to have a good working knowledge of the proper formatting for the images that you take. Understanding the right layout for your products and product groupings will allow you to display them more effectively to draw interests to them on your sales pages and to drive your sales higher.

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Author: Shaumik Maurya

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