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How to prepare a home made floral scented perfume

Author: Giftz Bag
by Giftz Bag
Posted: May 23, 2019

This isn’t click bait. You can really prepare the best floral scents in the comfort of your homes using nothing but basic kitchen utensils. Floral scents such as the rose flavored ‘ittar’ have been popular for ages, amongst the royal elite of India. They are powerful fragrances associated with beauty, nature, and power. The delicate flowery notes can help you stand out from the crowd with just a few spritzes on your lapel. Almost every flower in your backyard can be boiled down into fabulous perfumes without much effort. If you are up for the challenge, you can mix and match the perfect notes to create your own unique scent.

If you don’t have your favorite flowers in your little garden, you can order them online using our online flower delivery in Kota and other cities.


What scent works best for you? You can either go with conventional scents or try a new one that is yet to hit the market. Still too confused where to begin? List out the occasions you wish to use the perfume for? Is it a gift or you want to add it to your own personal collection? For formal events? Or for informal gatherings? Each event has its own social rules and customs. Formal events are not suitable for fruity and floral scents. But parties, family gatherings or just daily use are perfect occasions for floral fragrances due to their strong aromas.

Secondly, choose your favorite flower based on the fragrances they exude. If you are daring, try mixing a couple notes to take it a notch higher. Flowers such as roses, jasmine, violets, lavender, daisies, lilies, and honeysuckle are the most popular choices.


Usually a cup and a half of petals works perfectly for a single bottle worth of perfume. Add pine needles, fruits, or bark to add fruity, earthy, and woody flavors to your perfume.

By name of equipment, all you need is 2 cups of distilled water, a pan to boil the ingredients in, and a stove to heat it up. Add a strainer to strain the mixture and a glass bottle with a nozzle to spray it on. Avoid using plastic containers since they turn stale and spoil the scents. To add aesthetic value, get a designer glass bottle with engravings on it.


Wash the flower petals to remove any traces of dirt, fertilizers and other pollutants. We are looking for purely organic scents here. Add the petals and the distilled water to the pan. Bring the mixture to a boil and let it simmer there for 2 hours and lower temperatures. This allows the complete flavor to seep into the water. Once the liquid has cooled down, filter it through the strainer and pour it into the glass bottle. Add a couple petals in the bottle and a pine needle to maintain the flavor of the perfume. Put on the heady scent to impress your friends with your perfumer skills.

Start today. If you don’t have the flowers order online today using our online flower delivery in Jaipur and other cities.

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