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Group vs. 1 on 1 Basketball Coaching in Melbourne

Author: Brett Rainbow
by Brett Rainbow
Posted: May 23, 2019

If you’ve ever considered 1 on 1 basketball coaching in Melbourne for your child, you may believe that it’s the only way to teach the game effectively. It is true the private basketball coaching on an individual level is a great way to get a grasp of the fundamentals and develop key skills. However, it should be emphasised that basketball is a team sport, and using those skills as part of a team is essential for success. Let’s take a brief look at group vs. 1 to 1 basketball coaching.

1 to 1 Coaching

During a 1 to 1 coaching session, the player will receive a great deal of feedback from their coach, and this can develop key skills in a very short period of time. The coach can provide valuable pointers on many aspects of the game and explain why it’s better to use a particular technique. However, as valuable as 1 to 1 coaching can be for a new player, it can also act like a crutch, and it could even be detrimental. When a player becomes used to 1 to 1 coaching, they can become overly reliant on the consistent feedback. The player may struggle to think for themselves and find it challenging to apply their new found skills into their own playing style. This is why group coaching should be an essential part of every player's development.

Group Coaching

Group basketball coaching has a number of advantages over 1 to 1 coaching. The aforementioned over reliance on the coach is minimised, and the player will quickly learn how their skills work as part of a team effort. This is a fantastic way to build confidences, as a skill can be tried alongside other team members. This is particularly important when the player is trying to improve their passing skills. After all, coaching in a 1 to 1 environment will be harder without multiple options on where to pass the ball. Basketball is a fast moving sport, and making quick decisions is a key part of the game. Valuable feedback will also be available from the player's peers, some players will be ahead, and behind the player, so the entire team can help each other to improve.

Competitive Pressure

In a 1 to 1 coaching environment, it can be difficult to introduce or simulate the competition and pressure that you would experience in a real basketball game. When a player enters a game with only a 1 to 1 coaching background, any confidence that they have gained in their skills will quickly evaporate. The focus should be the process of the game, and the development of skills, winning a game at this stage would be a bonus. Progress in a group coaching situation is easier to track; one can look at successfully completed passes, points scored, and many other metrics.

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