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Shipping in Kuwait - simple guide for beginners

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: May 20, 2019
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If you are thinking about relocating to Kuwait, you will not make a mistake. This country can offer you a high standard of living. It is also a great opportunity to learn more about Arab traditions and culture and maybe the language as well. But before you actually move to Kuwait, there is a lot to do. You must find a moving company to help you relocate and you must ship your personal belongings. However, keep in mind that sometimes shipping your stuff in Kuwait can be more expensive than replacing them. So, before shipping, downsizing is a must! And when you have finally decided which of your belongings you are planning to ship, follow this simple guide for beginners on shipping in Kuwait.

Choose an International Moving Company

Shipping your belongings can be done with ease if you ship them with the help of an international moving company. You can also try hiring shipping and moving companies in Kuwait. But before you do, try to get at least three or four estimates, and compare the total cost as well as the services included, both basic and additional. In that way, you will be sure that there are no hidden costs. Also, you will avoid any surprises on the shipping and moving day. However, before signing the contract with the international moving company, make sure to get recommendations from friends and family members. Finally, read the online reviews about the company you have chosen. Visit some forums related to moving experiences, or try to find that company on Yelp or Facebook.

Before Shipping - Downsize!

Sometimes shipping can be extremely expensive. You should do everything you can to downsize. Less stuff means paying less for shipping. So think twice about what is important and necessary for shipping. Only pack things that are not easily replaceable and things that you cannot live without. For everything else you have three options for downsizing your household:

  • Give Away - Call all of your friends, family members, neighbors, and colleagues, and see whether they are interested in taking some of your belongings you no longer need.
  • Donate - If none of your acquaintances want your stuff, you can donate them to the local charity organization.
  • Sell - And if you want to earn some extra cash when moving, think about organizing a yard sale, or try to sell some of your stuff online. You can put pictures in ads or try selling them using some of your social media accounts.

Packing Done Right

Before you start packing all the belongings in the boxes, be sure to pack a separate bag for the things you will need in the first two weeks. Shipping, both by sea or by air, takes time. Also, if you hired a moving company like Easy Move KW, leave packing to them. Those are skilled professionals who know how to prepare and pack your belongings for the long journey safely. Be aware of the fact that no moving company will accept liability for damage to boxes they did not pack themselves. However, if you want to pack on your own, make sure to create an inventory of the things in each box as well as label them.

Get Insurance

A lot can go wrong when shipping your belongings in Kuwait, or pretty much anywhere. There might be a storm at the sea. Or custom officials might treat your stuff poorly, or simply something can get lost or damaged. That is why you should get insurance before you start shipping in Kuwait. Most moving companies offer some kind of insurance, but most of the time you can choose between getting basic, broader or all-inclusive insurance package. If however, your chosen moving company does not offer insurance, consider purchasing one independently. Insurance consultants will tell you everything you need to know about international shipping insurance.

Shipping Your Belongings by Air

Shipping by air has advantages such as speed and reliability, but it also comes with some disadvantages like price and having limited space at your disposal. Airplanes are simply more punctual and faster, and most importantly, they leave more often. However, the price tag is a lot higher compared to other shipping methods. So, we strongly recommend downsizing a lot. Ship only the most important things in your household. Those are the things that have sentimental value and things that are not easily replaceable. Remember to pack them into sturdy boxes, or see whether that airplane provides specialized containers.

Shipping Your Belongings by Sea

However, if you are moving on a budget, then, shipping your belongings by sea will be a better option. Your belongings will be placed at specialized containers. Those containers are usually loaded at your own house, and then shipped by truck to a port and then loaded onto the boat as cargo. If you hired an international moving company, you mover will help you with all the paperwork and customs forms.

How Should You Ship?

It all depends on the amount of stuff you are planning to relocate in Kuwait. If it is something small and valuable, then choosing to ship by air is a much better option. It is safer, and it will arrive sooner. However, if you are planning on relocating all the items from your house or an apartment, or a car, you must ship by sea. After choosing your way of shipping, you must decide which container you will use. There are diverse shipping methods for various container sizes. But typically, you can choose between two types of containers:

  • A 20-foot container - which can move one to two bedrooms or one car plus some boxes
  • A 40-foot container - which can move three to five bedrooms or one car and two bedrooms.
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