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Top 6 Ways To Avoid Dry Skin Top 6 Ways To Avoid Dry Skin

Author: Carol Evenson
by Carol Evenson
Posted: May 23, 2019

Everyone is susceptible to dry skin and it can be avoided in many ways.

Optimize Your Bath or Shower

Start by closing the door and limiting the amount of time you spend in the bath or shower to 5-10 minutes. Long showers are known to dry out your skin. This is amplified if you take a long hot shower or bath. Your water should be warm, but not scolding hot. Your face will age horribly if you constantly apply hot water to it. The soap you choose should be fragrance-free. Blot yourself dry as gently and easily as possible. Scrubbing your skin with ruin it over time.

Apply creams or ointments after bathing

Use oils, ointments, or creams instead of lotions. These should be applied immediately after you take a shower, bath or wash your face or hands. Constant hand washing may be essential, depending on your job or lifestyle, but it will definitely dry you out. This can easily be fixed if you moisturize your skin. Other moisturizers that are known to work well are olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter. jojoba oil and the key ingredients that heal and soothe your skin are mineral oil, lactic acid, urea, hyaluronic acid, glycerine, and petroleum.

Have a Morning and Evening Skin Care Routine

The more effort you put into proper skin care, the higher the chances are of your skin being properly hydrated. Lotions and creams might be all you need, but cleansing your face prior to bed can cause your body to send the water needed to keep your face moist to other vital body parts. Exfoliate your skin weekly

Drink Alkalized water

Our bodies can easily become acid due to many factors including diet and lifestyle. When drinking an adequate amount of water each day will help you look and feel your best, water that is acidic will not help you as much as alkaline water. You can test the acidity of water and in doing so, you might find that a brand you love to drink is not helping. In many cases, they can hinder your progress. Here is a chart of many popular brands of water and their pH level. Drinking warm lemon will suffice if you do not have access to these brands.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells from your body that will inevitably be there. Exfoliating products are normally coarse so they can scrub your skin without harming it. Everyone should exfoliate twice a week. While this is a ballpark figure it needs to be adjusted based on your location, lifestyle and skin type, twice a week is a great idea. Exfoliating too often is a bad idea if you have sensitive skin. If you live in a warm climate, two times per week probably isn't enough. Your body can handle being exfoliated three times per week, as it is less sensitive than your face, but even still, refrain from overdoing it.

Wear Gloves Whenever Possible

If you can limit exposure to things that can dry out your hands, your overall level of dryness will be reduced substantially. Your hands are no exception to this. You should always wear gloves while exposed to cold weather, washing dishes, using chemicals, greases, or alcohol. This is a good idea whether you suffer from dry skin or not.

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