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Which is the best PHP Framework for Developing an e-commerce website?

Author: Graymen Tech
by Graymen Tech
Posted: May 24, 2019
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PHP is indeed considered the top-most programming language by which amazing websites, as well as applications, are created. The language is known for its stability and security. It is becoming popular with the passage of time since its release.

But as time is passing, the creation of websites is becoming complex. Developers are finding difficulty to create websites as they have to write thousands of lines of codes in order to create websites which is such an irritating and difficult task. As developers face a lot of issues while creating websites, they then have to start from scratch in order to clear the issue. At this time, PHP frameworks come into existence.

Let’s study what is the best PHP framework for developing an e-commerce website?

This question is really important and at the same time baffling even for the developers too. No matter what form which backgrounds that developers belong. They have to think about this question for a while. For them, this may also be mysterious that, why to develop an e-commerce website with the help of PHP framework and Why not from another language framework?

Developers may get a lot of options for creating e-commerce websites that are Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, and WooCommerce for creating an e-commerce website. Then why should developers deviate from the path of routine proceedings (so-called norms) and try something drastic? Let us cross-check to figure out some interesting facts.

Beginning with the Basics

There is no doubt that we should make use of SaaS-based solution in order to create e-commerce websites like Shopify or a feature-loaded CMS like Magento. These are a very compatible platform for creating e-commerce websites as they are having ready-made templates and lots of plugins which help us in creating customized websites within a shorter period of time may be like 3-4 days. So this way, using the open-source e-commerce website, will help you to save time and energy as it available with the readymade features.

The task of creating an eCommerce website is such a complex task that needs to understand the whole atmosphere of the e-commerce ecosystem. Because this is the only way through which we can find consistency and ease of easy. If we understand that, what actually the requirements of the e-commerce world, only then it may become easy to create the website accordingly.

Why use a Web Framework for Building e-Commerce Websites?

There is no provision of providing liberty to customize a shopping cart website. And the options that are available are limited. There are many unwanted and hectic bloatware could be seen in many of the e-commerce websites. But those who are having knowledge of basics programming or an approach to the expert programmers easily can step ahead for creating Websites through frameworks which offer control as well as security.

Why Prefer a PHP Framework for e-Commerce?

You can create shopping cart applications like that are based on Java. you can also take the example of Spring and Hibernate at this point. And who are the lover of Python language, can go for Django-Oscar. But still, we can say that the clean and the simple codes are mostly liked by the developers because they are maintainable and secure. PHP frameworks are one of the good options when you are dealing with some bigger projects.

The Best PHP Framework for Building e-Commerce Websites in 2016

There are various amazing and elegant PHP frameworks. But when there is a question of developing e-commerce web development, the two important frameworks come and stand before us: the Laravel web development and the Yii 2 web development. Yii 2 is integrated with CRUD generated GII modules that enable the fast and secure creation of websites. Yii has modules that encourage testing and debugging.

It must be accepted that Laravel 5.2 is better than Yii 2 to create an e-commerce website. It is having features of deploying categories like admin panel, products, user authentication, payment gateway integration, and security that may prove really beneficial for the developer while developing e-commerce Web solutions.

There is the availability of laravel/cashier in order to make developers work smoothly with things. Apart from this, Laravel is a safe and highly secure platform as well. A well known and compatible platform for creating e-commerce websites.

Final Thoughts

There is a misunderstanding among the developers that the e-commerce websites that are created with the help of frameworks are not that much relevant and are unable to manage customers queries and doubts as well as the data. And it can vanish the website at last.

But it is not like this at all, in fact, you want to create a website which holds the features like SEO, filters, and third-party systems blindly go for a Cms or a SaaS solution. And always remember to create a website on which you can have control and even manage whenever there come any fault.

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