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Administering the Local Church Through Organization

Author: Lhhouston Church
by Lhhouston Church
Posted: May 26, 2019

Administrating a church is a somehow daunting task, especially if it is a local church. There are enormous needs which should be fulfilled by the pastors.

Being a pastor of a local church, if you consider that your church should have added some more features, thereby it offers more advantages to the visitors, and then you should administrate your local church through an organization.

Church administration is a religious service to the Body of Christ, which includes the worthwhile stewardship of God’s assets for the accomplishment of the work of ministry. Church management has to do with the organization of church ministry, and with the operations that govern that agency. In other words, the Administration isn't a lead to itself, but rather it is a way of serving human beings correctly while making effectual use of resources in a way that glorifies God.

With regard to organization, it has agreed that the affairs of the church are to be supervised by using biblically qualified elders who are voted through the congregation, authorized by way of the Board of Elders, and affirmed with the aid of the congregation.

  • Which organization would be the best to administrate your church?

There are a lot of family churches in Houston, where you can take the services of administration. But, again, you are finding the best one as it can help you to offer full satisfaction during congregation and in case of other needs.

Hence, there are a number of organizations offering the best facilities needed in a church, but the Lighthouse Church of Houston is one of the best churches where you can administrate your church in a better way.

  • About Pastor Keion Henderson

Pastor Keion Henderson began his ministry in 2009 at Lighthouse Church (Houston). He was joined with, initially 100 members but now, this church has grown to 7500 members. Pastor Keion Henderson sermons are influencing, meaningful, motivated, and energetic. By hearing his sermons, the mind of the congregation starts becoming positive.

He is a charismatic leader, polite and senior pastor in the remarkable organization in Lighthouse Church, which is set up in Houston, Texas.

Hence, if you are seeking to get participated in the Pastor Keion sermons, then you can administer your church through him. For this, you should contact with him either over the phone 281.741.3693 or at

To get more details, log in at the official website of this Light House church in Houston i.e.

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