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Top tips on how to do Grocery Shopping

Author: Kirana King
by Kirana King
Posted: May 30, 2019

Grocery shopping is a routine task, as it's generated from need, not from want, or luxury for that matter. We aren't talking regarding coming up with a vacation or feeding during a fancy, fashionable restaurant. We are talking regarding one thing that must be done on a routine basis. Online grocery shopping becomes more and more popular in recent years. And yet, online penetration of grocery looking lags way behind alternative sectors.

That undoubtedly makes one surprise, once the majority of alternative e-commerce sectors do nice, what’s the rationale behind the e-Grocery phase not booming enough? It's because of the subsequent challenges, that additionally represent the expansion opportunities within the sector.

Advice For Better Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping is something which has become a headache for all people and families nowadays. It is due to the change in the shopping patterns of the people, particularly related to groceries. This change in shopping patterns for grocery lead to burn out a large part of their budget. Which is getting a bit hectic situation for all.

In the earlier time, people used to buy their grocery stuff in a lot for 6 months or 3 months in just one go. Instead of so many options and offers available nowadays in supermarkets, grocery shopping is getting out of budget. It is all because of unplanned grocery shopping. So to overcome you from such an irregular and stressful scheme we have come up to you with some useful tips.

Here are some useful tips to make your grocery shopping in budget and more interesting. First Make a list of all your Requirements

This is the only way to plan your things before going for grocery shopping. First of all, make a list of your requirements for a week and then multiply out according to requirements. Based on your basic supply utilization, partition the things in most and least required items. This will give you a chance to concentrate on need items and you won't finish up misusing cash on unnecessary things. A list is in every case best to guarantee that you won't purchase more than you need.

Try to list out the items you need a week before so that you don’t miss out any. Try not to give the Kirana store-keeper mistake you for a ton of alternatives. Be precise to your kirana list.

Scheme out your Table

Figuring out your weekly menu is a good choice to find out the things, you will require in the entire week in your kitchen. Cover up all three meals. This will give you an idea of saving and things you don't need to purchase at that time things you don’t need during the time. This will also enable you to plan out your cooking schedule, so to make your cooking also less stressful.

Figure out your Budget

It is essential to decide your budget before in your limit your hand from wasting out on useless items. First, have a look at your monthly requirements and then set a budget accordingly so that you don’t lack out things from your priority list. A few ups and downs are acceptable but not far more than acceptable.

Order in Bulk

This is one of the most important steps in saving. This will help you in saving both your money and efforts. Nowadays, due to urbanization and nuclear family statuses, people don’t have much space for storing out things for a long. Considering this, Kirana King offers a source of packing that will be perfect according to your needs and having products in your safe custody for a long.

The reasons why Indians prefer shopping for groceries offline are:

  • Damage in an item,

  • Guarantee on the brands, and

  • Time is taken for the conveyance.

For edibles, the expiry date is additionally significant. At Kirana stores, you can quickly supplant the harmed items. The level of trust is more towards the retailer than obscure staff in a general store or online client support for an online commercial center. So to maintain your choice and to make it even more exciting Kirana King has figured things to make your grocery shopping more interesting.

Ways To Make Your Grocery Shopping More Exciting?

Nowadays, grocery shopping is one of the most boring things for any person. Especially, in India for the women, they are very much tensed to purchase things of good quality within their budget. Nowadays in, Online shopping people are not able to select the quality of products they need for them. Women in India are not able to save from their budget through online grocery shopping, due to the various offers and attractions they end up purchasing things they aren’t in need off. They aren’t in a state to verify the manufacturing date and other minute details which they must know before purchasing those.

  • Always Go for Shopping when you have Sufficient Time-

Give your grocery shopping the amount of time it needs. You will be able to have a look at varied options and compare among those all to avail what’s best for you. You will also be able to optimize according to your budget. If you plan out shopping in a hurry the storekeeper may easily influence you the product that benefits them the most, not you.

  • Go with your friends for shopping-

If you find shopping for groceries boring then try to plan your grocery shopping with your friends. In this way, you can turn your shopping interesting. The shop owner will also not be able to fool you easily.

  • Go on for shopping when it is least crowded-

To grab the attention of the seller to know more about varied products shop when it is least crowded. This also helps in building a better relationship with the seller, which is very much useful to avail better offers and services.

  • Avail the benefits of online stores to compare-

Apply the benefit of digitization before you buy. There are many grocery sites that offer you to compare the prices of products. Before opting for something you have no idea you must first compare using online platforms.

  • Your shopping list must be ready-

Before you go shopping your list must be ready in your hand. It will make your shopping experience more annoying if you miss out things. While having planned stuff with the consideration of the whole family can be far more interesting.

The rise in E-commerce Platforms

Decrease within the price of the net, quick access and also the rise of smartphones is boosting the new grocery platform. Also, the internet marketplaces have an outsized variety of product lists and worth vary to pick from the lower, the normal, the standard quality of products. Kirana stores are still hanging on to their traditional method of doing business. They're facing strong competition from a lot of on-line looking choices for customers. Having an internet presence provides you access to the large application of client-friendly technology into the business.

Many online retailers don't have a conventional delivery system, product safety or offer chain management. Most customers are afraid as a result of these reasons and are from shopping online. Indian ancient mentality is to check and feel the merchandise before shopping for it. The shortage of trust in online grocery stores is additionally a significant issue that's keeping Indian customers far from them.

What to choose Offline or Online shopping?Benefits of Online Shopping-

Internet shopping is the need of the current period due to assorted points of interest and advantages an ever-increasing number of individuals incline toward web-based shopping.

  • Internet shopping should be possible whenever (24*7)

  • Internet shopping is advantageous, you can do it anyplace, you simply need to complete a couple of snaps

  • Internet shopping gives you an alternative to getting an assortment.

  • Reviews help a lot for taking a decision about any product.

Benefits of Offline Shopping-

With the growing rise in the media about web-based business and limits, here and there we overlook that conventional shopping is as yet the best! The vast majority of the shopping is still done disconnected in physical stores.

On the off chance that you are somebody who puts stock in encountering something before getting, you are not the only one! We get you. Here are a couple of reasons why we think conventional shopping is as yet preeminent:

  • One can check the nature of the items.

  • One can attempt that thing how it will take care when applied.

  • Can request for an instant price deductions.

  • No shipping or delivery problems.


Just like buying for apparel, footwear, etc, shopping for groceries can also be fascinating if you apply your heart in it. With the dynamic trends, surroundings and raising health problems, it becomes a lot of necessary to focus on your grocery looking.

At Kirana King, we tend to attempt to build grocery shopping for seamless expertise for purchasers whereas empowering the normal Kirana store house owners. Strict internal control, accessibility of associate exceptionally big selection of merchandise, we tend toll-organized provide chain and continuous additions of recent strategies square measure the explanations why we square measure equally standard amongst brands, kirana stores, and customers.

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Kirana King is the fastest growing grocery retail company that marked its origin in Jaipur since 2014. Its core mission has been to encourage retailers to adopt transformation of their Kirana stores and to bring them on an organized retail platform.

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