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What Are The Best Ways to Get More Views on SoundCloud Songs?

Author: Rotaro Bernaz
by Rotaro Bernaz
Posted: May 24, 2019
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SoundCloud can be considered as a music sharing platform. It is a platform where online audio is distributed. Both app and website of SoundCloud are available to the users which they can use to upload their music and share it as well as promote it. You can get like millions of songs on this platform that you can hear and upload your music as well. In short, soundcloud plays the role of a platform specially created for music to get promote of its users. So you should use SoundCloud if you want to get music of any kind, you will find it here.

Especially if you consider yourself an artist, SoundCloud is the perfect platform where you can promote your music. The way you display your profile including your albums and songs on your profile impacts a lot on other users. If it is a good impact that you were able to make on them, then you may have a higher chance of getting a lot of followers. But, if not, then you may lose even the followers already following you. So you should be careful about it. Now if you have a SoundCloud account, you may be wondering how you can attract more views on your SoundCloud songs to get more spotlight. If you want to get more opinions on your SoundCloud tracks, you can follow the following tips to attract:

Profile – Organized, Neat and Tidy

It is one of the most critical aspects that you provide tidy content on your account, and also it should be easy to follow. An adequately organized report will attract more followers. Also, your tracks should have a proper name that makes sense so people can get the idea. Also, you need to make sure that your songs look good as much as they sound good as well. This can mean that you need a proper cover along with some meaningful description that should be consistent and stylish. You can say a good story might include credits, lyrics, collaborators, backstory and any other feature that is associated with the song if there is any. By doing so, your profile will be in an organized manner and will be considered and tidy. It is because users will not have any trouble visiting your profile and finding whatever music they want to on your profile.

Genre and Mood Tags

You should also add genres as well as mood tags in all of the tracks you add on SoundCloud account of yours. It is due to the reason that it uses an algorithm that suggests a variety of music to different users depends upon the genre. So if you want your song to be shown in that list, you should add specific type as well as mood tag associated with your song. You should be accurate in giving genre and mood tags instead of just adding without thinking of it. It will be more useful to do so. It is because if someone wants a specific genre and that genre is one of your styles too then that album of yours or song or music will be able to be seen by that particular user, and you may get a visit to your profile and that person might follow you as well.

Discography – Build and Create

Another feature that you can use to attract more views is to create albums. You can organize your track released by you in some collection. By creating these albums, users can easily find these in the album section of your profile and can quickly assess their songs which they want to listen to.

These are just a few tips mentioned above that you can use to get more views on your SoundCloud tracks. You can find a lot of another different kind of tips here and there too. Not only this, you can get a lot of a different type of music using SoundCloud. And if you manage it correctly, then you may be able to pull it off and get on the spotlight as well.

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