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Oil field chemicals - Improving the feasibility of oil wells

Author: Keshav Ponpure
by Keshav Ponpure
Posted: May 31, 2019
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Impact of Oil Field Chemicals:

It's quite long since we started the talk on shifting to renewable sources of energy but it is yet to happen in a remarkable way. That be it, the prediction on the intrusion of oil field chemicals into the oil & Gas industry is very promising and its good news for oil field chemicals manufacturers in India and world over. Are you wondering why it should be so? That’s because oil field chemicals are capable of improving productivity as well as recovery of oil which add value. Let's take a look at drilling fluids, demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, H2S Scavengers, Scale Inhibitors, Biocides, etc.


These are used to separate emulsions & they score over the others when they have separation

II.least amount of water is left

III.In desired BS&W levels

Corrosion Inhibitors:

These are challenged by acids, gases, brine, etc. Features unique of them are

I.Withstanding high temperature


III.Good ability to form a film.

H2S Scavengers:

As H2S is detrimental it needs to be removed and H2S Scavengers should work well in both liquid and gas phase.

Scale Inhibitors:

Scale formation is very common and needs to be checked at a reasonable duration. Any scale inhibitor is should be able to handle Calcium Carbonate, Strontium Sulphate, Calcium Sulphate, etc. To have maximum coverage.


These control fouling, act as antimicrobial and pesticides and may be either natural or synthetic. They should be able to control RB / GAB / GAnB bacteria in oil field waters.

Oxygen Scavengers :

Corrosion is under control where oxygen scavengers are at work. The efficiency of oxygen scavengers is most sought after.

The chemicals that serve at different levels of oil extraction are available with drilling fluids suppliers and manufacturers. We, Pon Pure Chemicals are a leading chemical distribution company who are into manufacture of specialty chemicals. Other than for oil field chemicals we also deal with chemicals for water treatment, leather, textile, sugar, lubricants, additives, food colors, paper, rust prevention, Pu additives, Fine Chemicals, etc. We have an experienced research & development team who take up challenges and work to find solutions that resolve the most demanding challenges.

Regarding any of your queries on oil field chemicals and their application to match your requirements, contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

Oil Field Chemicals and Drilling Fluid manufacturers in India

Pon Pure Chemicals Group is a well-known name in the Chemical Industry who have diversified into manufacturing specialty chemicals. Chemicals are available under two categories, production chemicals and drilling, and completion chemicals. Our products cover a wide area of applications and as growing oil field chemicals manufacturers in India we give the unique advantage of customizing to requirements. As oil field chemicals supplier in India, we maintain good stock and also match requirements as drilling fluids suppliers in India.

The price range of the products differ in accordance with specification and quantity, have a discussion with our team or you can request a quote.

Countries we serve other than India are Dubai, Singapore, Srilanka & Australia.

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Author: Keshav Ponpure

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