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Know if your kids are school ready or not before enrolling them

Author: Spring Buds
by Spring Buds
Posted: May 28, 2019
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Being a parent, it’s the right of every mother and father to decide when they have to send their kids for preschool. Generally, people used to send their kids to preschool at the age of 3 or 4. But, these days parents are in a hurry to send their kids to preschool. Many parents get their kids to enrol in the play school in Thane at the age of two or two and a half years only. For some kids, it is fine, but there are many kids who are not even ready for going to play school at this age. But just to get the kid's admission done in a nursery school in Mumbai timely, and because of the competition, parents are doing all this.

We suggest all the parents that before they decide to send their kids to play school or preschool, make sure that your kid is ready for it. For knowing this, there are few things which you can check, which we have mentioned below.

Know if your child happily stays alone with other people or not

Some of the kids have the habit of playing with anyone, and they can be left independent or alone in the play school. But most kids, find it very difficult to stay alone, especially when they are just two years old. So, if you feel that your kid cannot be left independent or alone without the family at any play school, it is better to wait for another year. By the time you can also develop your kid’s habit of staying alone.

Your kid can speak words clearly or not

There are few kids who speak clearly at the age of two, while there are few, who do not speak clearly or speak very less. Even it is hard for a stranger to understand what they are trying to say. In such condition, as a parent one should not put their kids to play school. Instead, they should make their kids speak words clearly at home for practicing. This will help your kids a lot. So, avoid sending your kids to play school, as the teachers or caretakers may not understand what your kid is saying and this can become a problem.

Your kid knows the basics

While planning to send your kid to pre school in Thane West or in Mumbai, just check if your kid knows the basic things or not. Like the alphabets, numbers, his/her name, father’s name, mother’s name, and other such things. All these things will help your kid to learn more easily in the preschool. However, if your kid is not aware of these basic things, then it can be difficult for your kid to understand and to learn other things at preschool.

Toileting Training

By toileting training, we mean that whether your kid can say or tell about the toilet or the potty by himself or not. As it is very important, because every time, it will not be easy for a caretaker to check the kid, or to clean it up. Develop these habits in your kids, for preparing them for the play school.

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At Spring Buds International Preschool In Mumbai, we believe that every child is special and they have an ability to be remarkable learners with the right kind of motivation, encouragement, and care.

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