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Reloading Tips for Beginners

Author: George Anderson
by George Anderson
Posted: Jun 02, 2019

There are some recommended tips that you may want to implement so that you can manually load your rifle and make it shoot with accuracy. That way, when you hit your target, you will experience a great feeling of satisfaction, right? Here are some reloading tips which can help you shoot with better accuracy:

1. Use High-Quality Loads

You should always use the correct cartridges to load your gun. For you to select the best cartridges, you should analyze the load data which is typically provided by well-known loading manuals and powder manufacturers.

For instance, if you want to load a.308 Winchester; you should utilize loads such as 168 grain Sierra Match King HPBT bullets and Varget powder. If you use high-quality loads, you will improve the accuracy levels of your shooting.

2. Fireform Your Brass

For you to shoot more accurately, you should fire off your handloads from the exact gun which you would like to use to load them. Firing helps brass to quickly expand to the contour of the chamber of your weapon.

Bottlenecked rifle cartridges are only compatible with neck-only sizer dies after they have been fired. This way, your brass will retain its fire-made profile, and you will be able to shoot with more accuracy.

3. Measure and Optimize

You should meticulously measure the dimensions of your lead and chamber, then optimize the seating depth of your bullet. You can use special tools such as COL gauges and bullet comparators to determine an adequate bullet seating depth.

This way, you will successfully reduce the distance which the bullet travels before it engages the rifle that is inside the gun barrel. This will prevent free floating and wobbling, and your weapon will be more concentric to your gun's barrel.

Moreover, you can utilize a bullet seating die such as Redding Competition and Hornady Rifle with a free-floating bullet seating plug. When you align your bullets before seating them, they won’t run out quickly.

Furthermore, you can use a bullet gauge which will help you measure and correct concentricity. You can start from.20 inches when using these tools to calculate the right bullet seating depth.

4. Experiment

Sometimes, you will have to experiment a little bit so that you can know how to reload your firearm effectively. You can experiment with different profiles, bullet weights, powders, sizing dies, primers, and powder charges.

You can start experimenting by thinking which load will be the best for you. You can select one variable and use it to load batches of around 5 – 10 cartridges, and then fire them off and measure results. If you are not pleased with the results of that variable, you can alter it.

Experimenting may take you some time, but it is one of the surest methods which you can use to learn how to reload your rifle. After experimenting, you will know the right bullet seating depth and the correct variable which you can then always use to reload your guns.


If you follow these reloading tips, you will quickly hit your shooting targets. Just always keep youy safety in mind when you are reloading your ammunition. Never test or reload your gun or rifle in front of children and always store them safely.

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