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Do’s and Don’ts of link building

Author: AK Digihub
by AK Digihub
Posted: Jun 06, 2019
Link Building

Link building is one of the best strategies in Digital marketing. Does link building work? To explore visibility in your business and Link building is win-2-win Game for backlink tips where the link should be added to the source website to another party the link.

Advantage of Link Building

Link Building is an important part of SEO. It helps our page to boost and providing us a better ranking on SEO. Link building works more to get traffic from other website page and once we start getting traffic from others page. It’s building trust for the website and creates a brand value for our website after all these Search engine robots consider our website as valuable resources.

What to Do and Don’t Do for link building for better-optimized SEO for our website?

We have a few areas where we can build backlink for our pages. For Example Media, Social Bookmark, Guest sharing, Blog commenting.

1. Produce Good trusted and Relevant Content


Community Event – when you or your company Visits any community events than those who host the event they often ready to provide the link for your company and that will be the best place to get a link building work for your SEO ranking and link will be Highly effective to give a boost up for your Website SEO Ranking.


We should not try spammy and unhealthy blog or sites to create backlinks. It affects or rankings in the search page and providing a bad signal to search engine robots. So, always avoid doing that and keep away your webpage link from these sites.

2. Guest Post Link


Guest post link is a very powerful link. you can build very good brand value for your website and you can rank your website in Search result page. You can ask another blogger in order to give backlink.


we should not do repeatedly this in our practice. It violates penguin violations algorithm and Google will decrease your ranking in the search page and might be it will go to unread by search engine robots.

3. Video Link


Video is future content and its highly effective way to get traffic and backlink. It’s a short and very much informative video. If you are not working on Video, you are missing out something. Why Video is important because the video is most liked the content in the internet market and a huge chance of getting better traffic and brand awareness for your company. To Get video link is an easy step, you can mention your page link in your video description.


Don’t mention always same anchor text for all post to create backlinks.

4. Press Release for Backlink tips


The Press release is also a powerful way to build backlinks. But, we should not give any kind of specific anchor text. Internet Revolution changed the way that public relation and press release works.

Nowadays, most of the media for a company they published online only. As a good marketer, if your content published online will create the link and it creates also backlinks. When your content gets published in any public relation then it creates a very good reputation in the market and gives a boost to your SEO along with creating backlinks.


When press release team with enroll to publish any company article, make sure you publish content contain link of your company’s website. Because these links come from a trustworthy source. They consider as very high quality.

Gaining link from the press release is the best way to gain powerful link and it also boosts our website SEO ranking.

Don’t put so many links in an article. It can make backfire for your website.

Don’t put unnecessary information in the article. The good article needs better quantity and interesting topic which can attract more readers.

5. Do follow & No follow matrix for Backlink tips

What stands for "Do follow and No follow". Do follow are those links which contain Rel=Follow attribute and No follow those link which contains "Rel=No Follow" attribute.

When we create a backlink on Do follow sites so it creates one redirect link for our link and when we create backlinks No follows then only out content will be visible to the audience. They cannot reach out to us through backlinks. Our vision is to build backlinks either to get traffic or to create brand awareness for new customers.


When we do blog comment on any other blog site, we should need to check these details.

We need to monitor our Dofollow and Nofollow Parameter as well while building backlinks. We should maintain, the ratio between

Do follow and no follow and if failed to do that then impact will be bit negative on our SEO and to hit our new user through other resource ideally most of company are maintaining the ration between both of the matrix and avg ratio, what most of the company maintain ration is 70:30 (Do follow : No follow )


we should not comment only do follow sites and at the same time, we should not comment more in no follow also.

We have to do comment on both sites apparently dofollow and nofollow balancing with the above-mentioned ratio.

6. Do’s and Don’ts of link building in PA and DA Factor


PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) is also a basic part of link building work. As we had mentioned earlier that we need to check some parameter before going ahead and create a backlink from any other website/blog. We should look into some of the factors to maintain our ranking in Search engine and PA and DA is also a factor from one of them.


We should not comment or create backlink if any website has less than 25-30 PA and DA because less page authority and domain authority will not useful for creating backlink for your website to give good Hook up for your SEO ranking and making up your brand value. We can check any website PA and DA within friction of time with some useful tool called MozBar extensions. Here I have referred the image to understand more than how to check any website PA and DA with Moz Bar extensions. Referred Image have PA=35 and DA=61 and leading with Zero Spam score that means the website has good enough PA and DA and zero spam score also indicates a very good and healthy website. So, we can do backlinking if the site allows us to comment with page link.

7. Do and Don’ts of link building for Blog comments


Blog commenting can be explained as bonding between blog, blogger and blog readers. It’s the best way to share Idea, option Thoughts over the comment Box.

Blog commenting is an action taken by blog viewers It could be a suggestion, question or maybe just a leave reply in the form of Thank you appreciation. Link Building work, blog comment is also one of the Easiest ways to get links from another side.

Blog sites give us permission to leave a reply to Interacted users and blog readers. You can drop your opinion, Suggestion Idea, and question.


We aware of black hats and get punished your website by Google Search engine. Basically 1n 2012, Google had given an update for a new algorithm called penguin. Black hats are not good for any website. If your website gets punish by black hats then you will be losing 50-90% of their Google traffic in overnight, To get overcome out from them it takes sometimes years too for search ranking in google search engine result.

8. Do’s and Don’ts of link building Discussion Forum


Backlink tips for Signature Link: Some of the forms provides to add signature along with your post. This is a Positive way to get the link from post link but you cannot Control all link in such way. Some of the forms allow you this option only when you able to prove as an active member.

Post Link: when you give your link in any forum post. These are a very important link and it makes you better when you post you link in the relevant discussion forum. These are the basic way to create a link with the discussion forum.

How to get forum link building resources.


Don’t make 100s of links in one go.

Backlink tips for Profile Link: You will get such links from your profile on the form. In my opinion, it’s not much effective for getting a good backlink so don’t spend much time in this while creating a link building

Method of getting form link and Tips:

I will recommend two option for finding the method of creating a link building from other forum resources. Ahrefs is the best way to find backlink resources.

  • Search Footprints
  • Ahrefs

Search Footprints – A search footprints collected information for your credit score which is searched every month either by you or others. Search footprints include inquiry, casual quotation information and application search.

Ahrefs: It’s a new innovation in search space, they use their own index and own bot based on information for site explorer and SERP(Search engine result page) analysis.

9. Do and Don’t Do for link building tips
  • Create both do follow and no follow backlinks. There is no need to create any filter on this for link building.
  • Keep a good variation in anchor list.
  • Don’t create daily more links. You should give some gap to make it.
  • Don’t use the same forum account to create Backlinks for all sites.
  • Try to do the ahrefs method. You will not have to search for forum lists ever again.

I hope are able to understand what to do and not to do for the link building? If you have found more good information about this topic then share with us and give valuable feedback on this topic in the comment section below. So it will help us to improve our content.

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