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Save the Environment and Your Money Using a Solar Powered Alarm

Author: Seed Alarm
by Seed Alarm
Posted: Jun 10, 2019

In case you require an alarm with low energy consumption, a solar powered alarm may fix your issues. Rather than connecting to the electric grid, these alarms utilize solar panels on top for preserving light energy in batteries, which can power them. This not just saves on the electricity bills but also set up the lights without requiring many wires to connect them to the outlet.

Types of Solar Powered Alarms

Small solar panels are able to power several kinds of alarms. Motion detectors and home security alarms can get energy from the sun, either rather than or additionally traditional power. Some individuals still use those alarms connected as a backup measure.

Why Choose a Solar Powered Motion Sensor Detector Alarm

A solar powered motion sensor is an amazing way of identifying intruders, particularly in rural areas where big properties make it cost-effective for connecting an alarm at the property’s edge to an outlet. This solar alarm contains a sensor which alongside identifying movement also senses if it’s dark outside so it doesn’t waste power amid the daytime. This alarm is efficient at sounding the alarm regarding intruders and stops thieves in their tracks if they hear the booming warning. Nevertheless, this unit, like maximum same motion detectors, needs straight light that doesn’t make it usable in a few areas like at a property’s edge under a line of trees.

Why Use a Solar Alarm over a Conventional Alarm

1. Load shedding can lead conventional alarm systems to malfunction

Due to load shedding, sometimes conventional alarm systems encounter many disturbing problems. Alarm batteries struggle to recharge in numerous areas. This causes system reprogramming and extra maintenance, at your cost. Moreover, this causes the battery’s lifespan being impacted, leading them for going flat faster, leaving the system unpowered at emergencies.

Besides, solar power alarm continuously works flawlessly amid load shedding, if your premises are vulnerable. You can easily rest knowing that the system operates completely throughout this load shedding span.

2. Lessened panic signals and false burglary

One of the most disturbing features of the flat alarm system batteries is that sometimes they lead to panic signals or false burglary to be sent. And this can lead to unwanted stress and troubles for you. Batteries of solar power alarm systems will never run flat, enabling you to say goodbye to tech false alarms.

It’s Time to Build Your Solar Powered Home Today!

Where you find an open roof, some home security system providers envision a rooftop for installing a solar powered alarm waiting to happen. They strive to deliver efficient renewable energy solutions which are customized for your particular requirements. Contact such a firm if you want to take your first step.


If you are seeking a home security system that is also a renewable energy solution, buy a solar powered alarm which saves the environment and your pocket. Our systems are sold and trusted in more than 50 countries. We’re engaged in design, development, production and sales of security, monitoring, energy saving, and interconnected systems to make our customers’ lives worry-free.

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