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Smart Insulin Pen Intelligent Diabetes Care for a better life with diabetes

Author: Kbv Research
by Kbv Research
Posted: Jun 10, 2019

Diabetes is one of the major health ailment that is growing speedily within the world’s population. Thus, the espousal of smart insulin pens is crucial for safe and effective administration of insulin to diabetic patients. The major determinant pushing the development of diabetic treatment approaches are the growing diabetic population, low-cost insulin pumps, and painless injections. Smart insulin pens can be conveniently used by people with visual or motor skills deficiencies.

Smart insulin pens are used for delivering insulin externally, which helps in offering better diabetes management system. Smart insulin pens are preferred by patients in replacement of traditional vial and syringe method for insulin delivery. These pens have less interference with activities and better discretion with use. Insulin manufacturers have made massive advancements to their first marketed pen devices and are now sweeping next generation of devices into the market.

Without technology, there wouldn’t have been the internet, smart devices, or streaming TV. Along with the remarkable worldwide development in the technology arena, health care technology has brought in electronic medical records, remote monitoring tools, and many other tech-smart devices for medical purposes. Technology has also flourished its horizons in the diabetes world. Meters, insulin pumps, and smart insulin pens are perpetually evolving. The accuracy of an insulin delivery system is very crucial in preventing diabetes-related complications. The new generation of insulin pens available in the present day has emerged to be extremely accurate.

Second Generation Insulin Pens

The growth of second-generation insulin pens has provided medical professionals with agents that can deliver comparable glycaemic control to first-generation insulin. These pens can significantly reduce the risk of hypoglycemia and modes of action suitable for once-daily regimens. These characteristics are likely to help overcome the apprehensions in the minds of patients and physicians about early insulin use in disease management.

Bluetooth-Enabled and USB Connected Insulin Pens

Needlestick injuries following diabetes injection needles and lancing devices are an alarming situation for diabetic patients. Insulin syringe needlestick injuries is a transdermal wound injury which can be caused by needle tips and can occur while using, disassembling or disposing of needles and syringes. The surging occurrence rate of needlestick injuries and coupled severe consequences coax healthcare professionals to adopt smart insulin pens.

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This would escalate the permeation of Bluetooth and USB-enabled smart insulin pens in the worldwide smart insulin pens market. Insulin pen devices are categorized as being either prefilled or reusable.

Prefilled insulin pens

Design modifications to the latest generation of prefilled insulin pen devices are improving the ease of use and safety and positively influence adherence to insulin. Prefilled insulin pen devices do not require the installation of an insulin reservoir cartridge by the patient. The entire body of the prefilled insulin pen and the insulin cartridge can be thrown away once it is empty. Preparation of dose and insulin administration are eased with prefilled insulin pens.

Reusable insulin pen

Durable insulin pen devices make use of replaceable and disposable insulin cartridges that are encumbered and detached from the insulin delivery pen by the patient.

Trends & Developments

The smart insulin pens have the lowest injection force required while delivering a set dose of insulin. Further studies and research are important for determining what impact the design modifications to develop pen accuracy, injection force, and patient or health-care provider’s inclination to new-generation prefilled pens would have on improving the glycemic control and other clinical outcomes. Diabetes digital health is on the up, it indicates that more innovative products can make it easier for a patient to manage their diabetes and stay informed.

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