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Ways to make best tea

Author: Best Tea
by Best Tea
Posted: Jun 12, 2019
good certain Every tea lover sooner or later comes to the ceiling and limit in terms of brewing tea, which gives rise to a dialectical contradiction: so many varieties of tea and so few ways all this tea! We have tried to accumulate all our experience and are pleased to present to your attention 10 ways to brew best tea. Do not forget that this or that method is good for certain varieties and is completely unsuitable for other varieties. Also, the content is still primary, so all the tea itself is more important than the pretentiousness of the method of to make tea, methods of brewing, Chinese tea1. Strait in gaiwanThe most versatile and common method that suits absolutely all varieties. Perhaps, in some cases, other methods may be more advantageous compared to gaiwan, but brewing in a gaiwan definitely cannot spoil any tea.The strait in gaiwan is so widespread that there is no need to once again describe all its subtleties and features. Practice more and do not be afraid to make a mistake, every wrong brewing leads you to the perfect tea.What to look for? - water temperature: for each grade it has its own- warming up the dishes: it is advisable to wash the gaiwan and the rest of the utensils with hot water- the cahay is better transparent: the purity of the infusion is best seen and the quality of the tea can be assessed.- the presence of cups for flavor is desirable, but not necessarily- time of contact of tea with water: do not overdo the tea, but also give it to brew.The fashion for Yixing teapots subsided a bit, but there are still absolute followers and fans of this tool. First of all, we note that in one of the tea provinces, not one of those Chinese with whom we drank tea used the Isa kettle. Although no, there was one case - in Yisin, when brewing Yixing Hunch))The kettle is good in a certain situation: first of all for brewing teas with a dark extract: highly fermented oolongs, red teas and puers. Tea, having a light infusion, suffocates in it and burns out a little. It is also important to remember the moment the teapot is working out - in order to get a good tea in the teapot, you need to a) the kettle is of good quality b) for each type of tea (and better grade) there is a kettle.This entertainment is not for everyone to do; therefore, even in China, teapots are more collectible, a tribute to tradition than practical.But it has certain features:1) this method is good only for strongly fermented uuluns (and those from North Fukjiang will work too)2) a kettle for a similar methodThe kettle is completely filled with a tea pot, usually it is 20-30 grams of tea, and boiling water, even steep, can be boiled, the main thing is not perekipivshim. The time required to drink the infusion, and we recommend starting from the time when the time comes, and increase the duration of service life.Thus, a good oolong can be shed up to 20 times. In addition, caffeine is very active, therefore hypertonic is NOT recommended.
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