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Accounting firms in UAE can be a Blessing for Retail Business

Author: Rahul Gangwar
by Rahul Gangwar
Posted: Jun 13, 2019

The retail sector in Dubai is increasing day by day as result interactions and communications with them are also increasing. Dubai is like a haven for retail business. Whether the product is known or not, you will find their retail outlets in Dubai. The retail business is in a boom condition in UAE as a result, government, as well as private sectors, are making efforts to make retail business as a cash cow. Accounting Companies in Dubai can help the retail business to grow more. The partnership between government and private owners can strengthen the retail industry. The government takes steps to grow a retail business using the assistance of private owners and the result is expected growth by 22% till 2023. The sales of the retail business can increase by keeping track of all activities. Accounting firms in Dubai can better do that through their accounting services.

Further, the population growth, increase in per capita GDP, encouragement to the tourism industry can help in the retail sector to grow. Since these days there are a lot of shopping malls and commercial markets all over in Dubai, the retail sector has shown a booming growth and it becomes necessary for every business to track each and every activity. They need to hire professional accounting firms in UAE that will make proper use of bookkeeping and accounting services and helps your business in tackling all seasonal issues.

How accounting services in Dubai will benefit retail sector?

Every business has its own domain as a result accounting service in UAE will be different. The industry should have to knowledge which accounting process will be beneficial and relevant for them. In short, the industry must have a full understanding of accounting processes. Benefits of using accounting services in UAE are:

Proper inventory management

It is necessary to keep track and manage the inventory of your business. Proper accounting service in Dubai will not only manage the retail business but also the overall inventory of the business. It will track that shelves are not empty and overloaded as both the conditions will not benefit the business. The inventory level should be right so that there is no blockage of funds. The accounting companies in Dubai will keep track when inventory is required and how much. Any method for a stock can be followed. The management can either do it manually or using computerized systems. The manual methods can be Lifo, Fifo, and weighted average.

Payroll management

Every business is required to keep a record of each step of payroll, especially in the retail sector. The business can hire permanent employees to manage such activities or can hire professional accounting companies in UAE that will help in payroll management. It is better to hire professional accounting services in Dubai as there are a lot of calculations involved in this task. Calculating the liability of every employee correctly and then reducing it from salary needs expert knowledge. Thus payroll management is an essential task that a professional accounting firm in UAE can do better.

Tax calculations

In a retail business lot of transactions are occurred daily. It becomes necessary to calculate the right amount of tax. The calculation of VAT in Dubai is not easy. You need to hire a professional accounting company in the UAE to do such calculations. Their employees are expert in such tasks and can handle the tax-related things very smoothly without any hassles, Moreover, you can leave your worries and trust their work.

Reconciliation of data

The accounting service in UAE will ensure that all the data recorded in books is accurate. If the initial data is incorrect, the results will also be wrong. For getting a proper and accurate financial picture of the business, data recorded need to be rechecked. The accounting companies in Dubai are best in providing such services. They will review the data from time to time and implement necessary controls that will ensure that the data recorded is correct. These days numerous accounting software is used by different businesses. Accounting companies in UAE will guide you with the right software that will minimize the errors and save time.

Decision making

The accounting service in Dubai will keep the data ready all the time and at one place so that quick decisions can be taken for future growth. The accounting software will give you a different type of reports that will improve decision-making ability. With such accounting software, comparison can be made between different reports and a conclusion can be drawn very easily. In short, accounting firms in UAE will help in better decision making.


Hiring accounting services in UAE is time-saving for a business. They know proper accounting measures and the right time to adopt them. It will save your time and you can focus on other issues hindering business growth. By applying appropriate accounting procedures, everything will become easy like collecting and analyzing data and managing the data. This way business as a whole can be managed properly as wastage of time in non-valuable tasks will be reduced. The accounting company in Dubai must be selected as per the requirements of your business.

How will you select the accounting service in Dubai for your retail business?

There are many things to consider before making a selection of accounting firm in UAE for your retail business. Let’s discuss all one by one:

Reasonable cost

The number of fees charged by accounting companies in Dubai should be reasonable. The cost is a very important factor that needs consideration. You are supposed to give confidential information to an accounting firm in UAE, fees charged must be checked thoroughly. It is not necessary that fees charged will be the same from all accounting firms in Dubai. The fees will be according to the service hired by you. All firms have different criteria for charging fees. Some may charge a lump sum amount for activities performed while others charge for each separate service.

Expertise in accounting services

The accounting companies in UAE have expertise in different fields of accounting. You need to check their areas of expertise before hiring for your firm. The specialized areas are accounting, vat, taxation, and audit. The accounting company in Dubai you are appointing must be aware of your business and working because accounting services will be different for different businesses.

Proper Certifications

The accounting firms in Dubai that you are hiring must have all certifications that an accountant must hold. It will be good if you are hiring accounting firms having CPAs, certified public accountants, ISO certifications, etc. Certified people will ensure that working will be professional and they will have more control over work.

Guidance at every step

The accounting firm in Dubai should be such that gives you guidance at every step. The advice is needed not only at the initial stage but after you have availed their services. Some accounting firms in UAE provide guidance until you are availing their services, after that they pay less attention which is not good for your business. It will bring down the productivity of your business.

Service level

You need to decide the level of service you want to hire before searching for a good accounting firm in Dubai. If you want to opt for all type of accounting services, hire a full-time accounting service in Dubai, otherwise, part-time service will be fine.


The accounting company in UAE should be such that will stay in touch with you and resolve their doubts that arise from time to time for the future growth of the business. There are some accounting firms in Dubai who contact their clients only at the time of tax filing. So the firm should be such that will be available all the time when you need advice and to handle other business issues creating hindrance in business growth.

Helps in setting objectives

As discussed, the accounting firm in Dubai you are selecting should be such that will guide you at every step, they should also help in setting the goals of your business. They know your business better, so they can better guide you in setting goals and can also help you in fulfilling them.


You should have a good connection with your accounting firm. You should be comfortable with them as you will be able to discuss all your business issues without any hesitation and can ask for solutions. If there is no good connection you will not be able to share confidential information and things necessary for your business growth will not work smoothly. Hiring an expensive and professional accounting firm will not work towards business growth. There should be bonding between your business and accounting firm in Dubai.

Audit services

If your accounting firm in UAE is also providing audit services, it will be a time saver for you. You need not make a separate search for selecting audit firm in Dubai for your business. Moreover, the firm handling your accounting activities can better handle auditing services too.

Your retail business can reach to heights if accounting services are good. Things will work smoothly and efficiently. There will be fewer chances of inaccuracy.

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