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5 Different Purposes of Self-Adhesive Labels Across Different Industries

Author: Joshua Mitchell
by Joshua Mitchell
Posted: Jun 13, 2019
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If you want to add an individual and professional look to the products, deliveries or markings on your goods, you can do it individually for more convenient reasons. Plus, you get to be in charge of the production of your own labels which can save you a lot of money, time and labour costs. For those reasons, the self-adhesive labels are the ideal solution to individualize your need for professional and sharp looking labels. You can print them at your office, depending on your necessities and alter the way they look. All you need to do is make sure you have the premium quality material of labels on sheets paper. Here are 5 different purposes of self-adhesive labels in different industries.

For Deliveries

All products that are shipped to the purchaser must be appropriately marked with the necessary information about the product, shipment number, address of the buyer and extra information including instructions for use or handling with the goods. For that purpose, the standard type of self-adhesive labels is the most suitable. You can choose from a Matt White Permanent range of labels because they are the classical professional looking labels type.

For Glass Containers

If your product comes in a glass jar or container, then the "no label" effect self-adhesive label is your perfect fit. You will need a clear synthetic label that will stay weatherproof and waterproof even when exposed to the elements. With this type of labels, it will appear as if someone has directly written or drawn on the container.

For Warehouse Purposes

In the warehouse, it is always a bit difficult to find out what you are looking for, especially if it is a vast space and the boxes are all alike. However, you can facilitate the process of allocation of boxes if you opt for fluorescent self-adhesive labels. They will easily streamline the dispatching process and help you deal with possible problem goods, dangerous goods or any chemicals.

For Products with Sensitive Surfaces

If you sell products that have sensitive surfaces that mustn’t be damaged of the glue residue of the labels once taken off, then the most suitable solution for you is to use removable labels. They will stay on all the time there is a necessary and easily removed not leaving any residue behind. These types of self-adhesive labels are excellent for furniture or bags made of sensitive materials.

For Products in the Spotlight

If you want your products to be in the centre of attention, then choose self-adhesive labels that have a Gloss finish and let them have a classy shine on the shelves. In this way, your candle holders, jam jars, or any other product that needs to be extra appealing to the customer will have a discreet gloss effect after which the product will be recognisible.

The Bottom Line

The great thing about all of these labels on sheets are that are compatible with all Avery templates and you can use customise the text for printing easily on your computer. Also, they can be printed in all laser and inkjet printers or photocopiers.

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