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Ten primary keys to use Yahoo! Mail

Author: Contactyahoo Helpdesk
by Contactyahoo Helpdesk
Posted: Jun 14, 2019
million users

it's time to go into the ten basic keys of Yahoo! Mail. Part of the options are related to the described services; however, they have their differences.

According to figures provided by the company, based on the World Metrix report from the ComScore consultancy, Yahoo! Mail is the second most used webmail service in the world, with 295 million users, after Windows Live Hotmail with 375 million active accounts, according to data provided by Microsoft. Google ranks third with 100 million users.

Register a user in Yahoo! Mail. Discard the option to keep the user and password. Like the rest of the web email services, Yahoo! Mail offers the possibility to avoid entering the access data to the personal box. However, as detailed in previous installments, for security reasons it is always advisable not to use this option to avoid the possibility of leaving personal data on any computer for public use. Yahoo Mail service is one of the best parts of Yahoo. One can contact yahoo for help also.

Domain. Given the number of regional sites (added to the "new" and with which the webmail the platform of Yahoo!,.ar account, for example, it is important to specify completely the box of email in the user field. Although you can enter only the username, before an identical name in an e-mail address located in another domain, the system will need to identify it in this way.

A simple way to enter is by going directly to, thus skipping the main page of the site.

Different views the display format of the input tray, output, eraser, and other folders can be customized. Yahoo! Mail allows you to have a preview of the electronic messages. However, those who prefer something soberer can always opt for the classic mode.

Tabs. When you opt for the improved view of Yahoo! Mail, the location of the selected emails or even the same inbox can be confusing. It is located at the top of the drafting header, like a small flap, which saves time in choosing the various options.

Unlimited. With the advances that occurred in the storage and like other web email platforms, the Yahoo! Mail does not put limits on the the capacity of the email box.

Draft. When writing a message, the service offers the possibility to save the changes made. In this way, before a power outage or an interruption of the Internet connection, the information can be recovered until the last point that the information was protected.

Send and receive messages from other accounts. Without having to leave Yahoo! Mail, the service allows you to configure mailboxes from other platforms, such as Hotmail or Gmail, from the Options link (located in the upper right part of the navigation screen). In three steps you must specify a series of data, related to the configuration of the email profile to configure, such as the server, the user and the password.

This will allow, from Yahoo! Mail, you can send an email from another account.

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Mark emails If there are certain messages that are of our interest, there is the option of using small indicators that have a small flag as an icon. It will allow that, before a certain query, only those emails that have been expressly indicated can be filtered. It is one more option to maintain the order of the inbox and the distribution in custom folders.

Rich and unformatted text the first supports highlighting titles, using colors and inserting images within the email; Meanwhile, in the second option, we will only use unformatted characters.

Chat. It is one of the services incorporated some time ago but now offers the integration of Windows Live Messenger accounts. In a few simple steps, you can specify a name and contact address to have a friend online. The advantage of this feature is the speed of the answers, without having to use another navigation window or use software that must be installed on the computer.

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