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A Knockout Story - Teeth

Author: Pooja Agrawal
by Pooja Agrawal
Posted: Jun 14, 2019
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My mother was an eager beaver back in her days as told by her and her mother too. She did things that are impossible for her now like running behind a bus to board it, climb trees, swimming, and many more. She was the most energetic among the bunch.

There was an incident that she remembers till date because it was the reason for her biggest pain. It happened before her marriage. Back then there weren’t any modern taps with running water like we use today. Apart from lakes and rivers, groundwater was the only source for all the necessities from cooking and drinking to bathing. In order to bring up the water, hand pumps made from iron were used. The best part was everyone had a hand pump in their backyard. So, no water shortage.

Once my mother was using the hand pump like any normal day. She was aware of how to use it. You had to plunge the iron handle up and down as hard one could bring the water to the surface. But what happened next was something nobody could think. It happened so quickly that before anyone knew anything, it was too late. Due to the water pressure building up inside the hand pump, the handle slipped from her hand upward and hit her on the face. It knocked her out and she collapsed on the ground.

After giving medical treatment it was realized that her lower jaw was hurt but not broken. One of her upper front incisor teeth was also affected which was a permanent tooth by the way. It didn’t lose the gum grip all the way but it moved a little. Fast forward to 2011, the tooth finally lost the grip and fell leaving a big unpretty window in her smile.

My mother hardly left home, she had problems eating and speaking properly. This became a point of concern for everyone in our family. My parents went to the dentist to fill in that unattractive gap. After a long wait finally, she was given a denture. The dentist advised her to take good care of it. At last everyone was happy to see her smile once again. Everything was the same as before.

After a few months, my mother felt a little uncomfortable with the denture. So we went to the dentist once again. He made some adjustments and it fits flush with the rest of the teeth. However, this time he also recommended Oracura Smart Water Flosser for better flossing so that no food particles get stuck behind the denture and make it lose. Now things have changed after she has started using the flosser. She does her best to take good care of her oral health and the denture. Everything is working as it should be. No more problems with eating or speaking. Our whole family has taken a step further towards good oral hygiene.

Such accidents can happen anytime and which is why we should be very careful with our surroundings. The good part about this incident is that we have started to take our oral health very seriously.

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