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Aging Skin Needs Special Care All Seasons

Author: Shoma Sarkar
by Shoma Sarkar
Posted: Jun 15, 2019
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It is rightly said, "Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years." We grow old by deserting our ideas, the ideas of restoring those youthful looks, the idea of trying anti-aging treatments.

As we age, our skin experiences various changes. Gravity, lifestyle, personal habits such as smoking, diet, heredity, stress, facial movements like smiling and frowning cause the skin to damage. The UV light present in the sun breaks down elastin thereby contributing to skin damage. The most common skin conditions include wrinkles, fine lines, dry and itchy skin, aging spots and other pigmentation disorders. Some advice sunscreens, others recommend wearing a hat or avoiding tan baths, etc. But is that all enough? Definitely not! Gone are the days when we couldn't address the visible signs of aging. Dr. Shoma Sarkar, a leading Skin Specialist in Mumbai, can help us here.

Trending Anti Ageing Treatments in Mumbai are as follows:-

a) Obagi Blue Peel - Obagi blue peel is a chemically superior peel that addresses a variety of skin conditions like wrinkles, pigmentation problems, sun damages or general poor skin quality, which are commonly associated with aging. To achieve optimum skin resurfacing, TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) is used for removing dead skin cells and reveal the new skin. The procedure is often combined with CO2 laser treatment or dermabrasion. This allows the cells to tighten and offer a better skin tone and texture.

b) Thermage - Collagen and elastin keep our skin firm. With aging, the collagen and elastin break down. Thermage treatment, a trending Anti Ageing Treatment in Mumbai, uses radiofrequency technology. This heats the deeper layers of skin, rich in collagen. The heat encourages new collagen production. This helps to create smoother and plumper skin. You can find change only in a single session. For excellent results complete all the sessions.

c) Thread Lift - Worried about sagging skin and folds? In the thread lift procedure, temporary sutures are used to ‘lift’ the skin. Hence, the skin is slightly pulled back, lifted and tightened. The thread lift is a suitable treatment that directs large surges of collagen on the face. All you find is a firmer, supple and voluminous skin.

d) Anti-aging Injectables - Injecting essential nutrients into the skin heal it naturally and offer fuller and wrinkle-free skin. Anti-wrinkle injectables, fillers, PRP injections, antioxidant therapies, etc. reduce all signs of aging. Find this treatment with Dr. Shoma Sarkar, a celebrity Dermatologist in Mumbai. Application of hyaluronic and neurotoxin injections treats:-

  • Temporarily lost volume
  • Jawline contouring for a beautiful chin
  • Under eyes depression
  • All facial lines and folds including necklines
  • Hand rejuvenation

You can easily find a profoundly positive change in your looks without enduring the recovery time related to surgery at the renowned Anti Aging Clinic in Mumbai.

About the Author

Dr. Shoma Sarkar is an MBBS and MD Dermatology who is practising as the Best Skin Specialist in Mumbai with more than 10 years of experience in the field of Aesthetics & Clinical Dermatology.

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Author: Shoma Sarkar

Shoma Sarkar

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