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Why Is It Important To Install & Maintain Private Power Poles?

Author: Jilli Smith
by Jilli Smith
Posted: Jun 15, 2019

Many of the Australians prefer to have private power poles on their property to hold power lines a safe distance away from roads, pathways, and properties. The installation, maintenance, and operation of these power poles are the obligation of the property owners. At all times, it’s recommended to hire a level 2 electrician Sydney to install and maintain a private power pole on your property; however, it’s imperative for property owners to remain aware about the latest power pole guidelines and recommendations.

The Essentials of Private Power Pole Installation

It’s imperative that private power poles ought to be installed so that the concrete stabilisation ends a minimum of 300mm beneath the ground level. This is crucial for two reasons:

  • It improves power pole’s stability. • It makes sure that your pole will not fall down during a power pole inspection.

The inspector will inspect the quality of the pole underneath the ground to make sure that the power pole has not rusted or oxidised and that it does not lay a risk to public safety. Inspectors performing a power pole inspection will have to take out surrounding soil or concrete to a depth of no less than 200mm.

When it comes to choosing private power pole then you have three options before you viz. steel, timber or titan. If you’re contemplating to install a private power pole on your property, or if one already exists on your premises, it’s a good idea to know the advantages and disadvantages of each to make sure that it’s appropriately installed and maintained. Steel Power Poles

Steel power poles have serviceability of 10 to 15 years and they are normally less pricey to set up because they don’t need any heavy equipment for installation. They are termite resistant and in certain cases, can be more striking than timber power poles. One downside of a steel power pole is they generally reach a maximum height of 7.2 metres. Some cable and electrical companies may have policies in place that avert them from climbing private steel power poles as they may be oxidised or decayed underneath the surface.

Timber Power Poles

Timber power poles have serviceability of 15 to 25 years depending on where they are located. Although the most widely used sizes range between 8 and 11 metres, they come in a variety of sizes. Indeed, timber power poles have a longer lifespan compared to steel and also provide a more natural look; however, due to the size and weight of the poles, heavy lifting equipment is required to securely install them on a property. Again, as they are susceptible to termite attacks and infestation, they should not be installed in areas where groundwater is present or moisture is above normal levels – for instance, in coastal areas.

Titan Power Poles

Titan power poles endure a lifetime and they are resistant to oxidisation, decay, bush fire and termite. They can be cut down to fit specific height requisites and cables can be internally moved because of the hollow structure, enhancing safety and security. With a 160mm diameter at pole’s tip and a 240mm diameter at the base of the 7.2m pole, the diameter of Titan power poles are bigger.

Private Power Pole Maintenance

Once the power pole is installed, it is imperative that it is checked on a regular basis by the property owner or by a certified level 2 electrician. Inspect for the following:

  • Surrounding areas: Is your power pole situated near to trees or other vegetation. • Firmness: Is your power pole standing erect or does it seem to be leaning? Is it uneven on the ground? • Infestation: Is there any indication of termite or bug infestation?

Are you looking out for professional assistance for installing and/ or maintaining your private power pole?

Well, you can get in touch with qualified and experienced level 2 service provider for installing and maintaining your timber, steel or titan private power pole.

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