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Metrics for Assessing the Effectiveness of a Mobile App Marketing Campaign

Author: Joshua Wright
by Joshua Wright
Posted: Jun 15, 2019

Here is what you should look for in order to rate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign for your mobile app.

App marketing is turning to be the order of the day for web and app development companies, marketers and owners. Marketing involves techniques that are employed to increase the visibility and download rate by users. However, most people end up wondering which methods to use to measure the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. Fortunately enough there are metrics that make it easy for stakeholders to assess the level of effectiveness of their marketing strategies for apps.

The challenge — there are many metrics which may confuse the involved. This may be the reason as to why more than 50% of top app development companies fail to investigate the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. Is the analysis of marketing complicated? Here are some metrics widely used by companies.

Downloads for the app

Recurrent app usage

Total time spent on app usage

Number of leads or revenue generated

Developers and app owners should know that the assessment of marketing strategies stands between success and failure in the mobile app industry. Great code and high user experience are just not enough to measure the success of an app. A well designed social media marketing plan is essential for your app. For one to build a marketing campaign they need reliable data and this gives rise to metrics. Here are some of the critical metrics that are often overlooked despite being critical for app marketing.

Social Reach

Reach refers to the total number of users who can receive a message on a maximum basis. This helps you to know how wide your audience is. If customer acquisition is among your goals, social reach enables you to understand the need for marketing.

Customer Sentiment

This is also a metric aimed at showing you the customers’ feelings and perception of your product. The customers’ reactions should always be handled with more insights since they play a big role in determining either the success or failure of a business. Social media is always necessary for honest customer reviews and feedback on your products. Customer sentiments are however beyond the likes and shares you may receive on social media.

User Demographics

This metric takes into account the user’s data. Some of the details captured include gender, age, location, nationality among others. This is essential in informing you for how long a certain age bracket or people from a certain area use your app. This enables you to know the level of popularity of your app for your target audience, helps in building a new customer base, more optimization and promotion strategies. Most app analytics platforms enable you to analyze user demographic data through the tools they have. Knowing your audience makes you deliver more personalized products. This also creates a strong communication base which later transforms into a loyal audience for your product.

Social media marketing should be treated as the most essential part of a marketing strategy. Tracking your social reach will enable you to make a more critical decision on your marketing strategy. The key to developing the best app is keeping the metrics into consideration during marketing. You can talk with the best web and app development companies to help come up with the right marketing strategy.

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