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Ways to Make an Umrah in November More Affordable

Author: Safeena Rahman
by Safeena Rahman
Posted: Jun 16, 2019

The climate of Makkah can affect pilgrims visiting the holy city from different parts of the globe in different ways. For some, the hot desert climate may be something which they can bear, while for others it can be uncomfortable. However, since Umrah is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the climate does not hold any significance for pilgrims who arrive in the holy city from various corners of the globe to perform the 'minor pilgrimage'. Temperatures in Makkah begin to drop in the month of November as the winter season approaches and this can be a good time to perform Umrah.

An Umrah in November is not only favoured by a large number of Muslims living in countries where this time of the year is extremely cold but also preferred by many who reside in other parts of the world. This Islamic pilgrimage can be performed at any time of the year and can be accomplished within a few hours as it involves lesser rituals when compared to the major pilgrimage of Hajj. There are more rituals in the major pilgrimage and it is performed in the month of Dhu al-Hijjah. Another difference between these two pilgrimages is that Hajj is one of Islam's five pillars and is obligatory for all Muslims, while Umrah is not compulsory.

Many of the tour operators come up with great deals on their packages for Umrah in November. Such deals allow Muslims to reduce the cost of their journey to Makkah. If they are staying far from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the costs involved in making the journey from their homes to the holy city of Makkah would be higher. This is the reason why many Muslims kept postponing their plans for performing the minor pilgrimage in the past. In recent times, the presence of numerous tour operators across the world has given them the opportunity to choose a package best suited to their budget.

If they book their desired package for performing Umrah in November several months in advance, they can have more savings for their journey. Many of the tour operators provide great discounts for those who book their package several months earlier. Before booking any package in advance, it is absolutely necessary to decide the date of departure and the period of stay in Makkah. Once the prospective pilgrims decide on the dates, they can go ahead and make their booking well in advance to get a significant amount of discount.

Savings thus made can be utilised by the pilgrims during their stay in Makkah to explore all the important Islamic sites in the holy city and its surrounding regions. One of them is Abu Qubais, which is a sacred mountain located in Makkah's eastern frontier. It is the place where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had shown pagan Arabs the miracle of the 'splitting of the moon'. Another important place worth visiting is 'Masjid al-Jinn' or 'Mosque of the Jinn'. The mosque has been built at the spot where a group of 'jinn' or genies had gathered to hear Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) recite a portion of the Holy Quran.

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I'm Safeena, and I work as a content strategist for Simply Hajj and Umrah, which provides cost-effective Umrah packages for December, January, Easter and Ramadan.

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