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Impact of Big Data on Search Engine Optimization

Author: Rotaro Bernaz
by Rotaro Bernaz
Posted: Jun 13, 2019
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If you live in Bay Area, you would have noticed the number of digital marketing, and SEO companies all over the place. Search Engine Optimization in Bay Area has revolutionized the landscape. No aspect of your life is now the same as it was before the internet of things. If you are a millennial you might not feel this change as much as your parents or grandparents might. Just ask them about things which are very common for you, such as ordering groceries online. They might never even have imagined that this would have been possible, well, if they were into futurism and scientific aspects of life that is a different scenario.

There is something new coming up every day, with the increasing amount of data that is being collected on a daily basis, it is necessary to understand how it affects SEO and what implications this would have for a Bay Area search engine optimization company. Here are some of the ways through which big data is affecting and transforming SEO

  • Content Is Becoming Quantifiable Data

Generally speaking all the information that is available to us and all the content is simply information which has been published. However, over the past few decades, Google has emerged as a major curator of all this data. As a result of this, this content that is being generated has been transformed into quantifiable units. This option of converting all the content into data has made it easy for search engines to analyze the data and provide people with better answers. This is helping to structure the results of search engines, which would in turn provide searchers with more value and better results. This has also helped with the development of new and more effective data analysis tools, which would help search engines like Google with offering semantic results.

  • Better SEO Insights

Big data is making it possible for search engines to provide marketers with better insights from the different types of content and data that users are searching for. They can incorporate this data into marketing their product at a time and in a manner which would make it seem attractive to the customers. It has also made it easier for SEOs to track of the various keywords and analyze them, optimizations on any page, and any other effort for optimization.

  • Generating Precise Analytics

The final goal of any SEO consultant, digital marketer or any marketing firm is to generate more traffic to the website and increase the conversions. This makes it important for them to understand and analyze the correlation between various elements, including page views, website clicks, traffic conversions, competitor views and conversions and so on. There are numerous analytical tools, which can be used by SEOs and digital marketers to analyze their own data in the sea of online data that is available. They can then make the necessary adjustments according to their ranking.

  • Searches Through Social Media

There are a number of social media platforms through which data is shared and collected. The top three alone can provide access to millions of users. Companies like Google, that process over twenty peta-bytes of data every year, they cannot ignore the amount of this data, and it is mandatory for them to analyze if they want to be among the top players of the industry. Therefore, social media platforms are being very important when it comes to searching and collecting data. Social signals on these platforms are associated with improved rankings

Big data is having a huge impact on SEO, though it might not be visible to us so easily, but it is not something that can be overlooked or ignored. It would not have been this easy for search engines to analyze data had it not been for big data. Thus for better search engine optimization, it is necessary to take into consideration the impact of big data, specifically for entrepreneurs seeking search engine optimization in the Bay Area, where there are numerous digital marketing firms.

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Author: Rotaro Bernaz
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