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What to look for in a medical malpractice lawyer

Author: Wittenstein Wittenstein
by Wittenstein Wittenstein
Posted: Jun 18, 2019

Medical malpractice lawyer ads all announce huge settlements and verdicts, but how to you know they will do a great job on your particular case? Some firms are so big and "successful" that they don’t go the extra mile for each and every client, stretching themselves too thin to give attention to all their clients and cases. Some small firms will bend over backwards for your business, but they lack the experience and resources necessary to handle complicated medical malpractice cases. Queens Medical Malpractice Attorney, Wittenstein & Wittenstein, has been getting great settlements and verdicts for it’s clients for over 60 years, and continues to provide clients with excellent customer service.

There’s No Such Thing As a Small Medical Malpractice Case

There are many types of personal injury cases that can usually be settled before commencing a lawsuit, and sometimes very quickly. Car accidents and slip and fall cases can often be settled in less than a year. Medical malpractice cases are never settled quickly. The attorneys representing the doctors want to make it as difficult as possible to bring cases, in order to discourage people from suing. That’s why it’s necessary to have an experienced Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island and Queens medical malpractice attorney representing for this complicated litigation.

Are You a Doctor or a Lawyer?

A great medical malpractice attorney will have an understanding of medical terms and standards of care for many types of medical conditions and procedures. This is necessary to negotiate a settlement and crucial when bringing a medical malpractice case before a jury. Some, but not all, medical malpractice attorneys are also nurse practitioners or medical doctors. This allows the attorney to assess the medical reports that will be evidence of a doctor’s mistakes or recklessness, and to obtain the highest possible amount of compensation in such cases. You can learn a great deal about medical malpractice, by reading articles on the Wittenstein & Wittenstein blog at

Medical Malpractice is a Subspecialty of Personal Injury Law

Many Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island and Brooklyn Personal Injury Attorneys advertise that they handle medical malpractice cases, but most do not have the experience and resources to do the job. These cases are expensive, and the pros will handle the case on a contingency retainer, so you don’t pay any money upfront, and the lawyers get paid when the case is settled or tried. Some small firms will ask clients to lay out money for experts and other expenses of the case. When the attorney does this, it either means that he does think highly enough of your case to invest money, or that he lacks sufficient resources to handle your case. For medical malpractice cases, firms will often team up to have attorneys on the case that are experts in the type of condition or procedure for the specific case. There are also medical malpractice attorneys that specialize in specific types of conditions or procedures.

How Does an Attorney Evaluate a Medical Malpractice Case?

A good way to assess whether you are speaking to a top notch medical malpractice attorney is the procedure they use to screen your case. The first step is always to take a detailed history that includes your medical history and the facts the medical treatment that you believe was negligent or reckless. If they believe the case has merit, the next step is to have your medical records reviewed by a specialist in that area of medicine. If the records show that there was negligence or recklessness, the case can begin.

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