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Tips to Planning the Reform of a House Without Troubles

Author: Shirley Balerio
by Shirley Balerio
Posted: Jun 16, 2019

If you are thinking of doing a comprehensive reform at home, keep in mind that planning is essential and that dedicating extra time to the organization before starting the work will avoid many headaches later.

Follow these tips so that everything ends without problems and you can enjoy the house of your dreams.

Questions to ask before renovating your home:

What is going to renew?

Begin by defining what will change in your home. There are modifications that will be necessary to make them for the deterioration or aging of the materials. Other reforms will be because you want to give it a more modern look. Do an inspection both outside and inside the property to decide what you are going to do.

How much money do you have for the project?

It is important to draw up accounts to define the budget to reform a house. The scenario can be presented that wants to make many changes and does not have enough money. If you decide to do them anyway, the work may be half done or poorly done. When you have a tight budget, define which works have the highest priority and concentrate on them.

Do you have time to renew?

You have to consider how long the reform work takes. The company you hire will give you an estimate, but you should be flexible in case of any inconvenience delays the works. This topic is especially sensitive if the family should look for a place to stay while the renovation lasts or if they want to have the house ready for a specific date or event.

Who will do the work?

It is about deciding if you can do the works yourself or you should hire a company. This last option is the most advisable, especially if it involves major reforms. Working with experts will avoid problems in the future.

How to plan the reform of a house without troubles?

Deciding what will be renewed and the order in which it will be done will save time and money later. Therefore, when deciding how to reform a house, it is important to spend time defining the changes that will be made.

Here's how to start:

Reform the exterior of the house

Before doing any renovation inside the house, check everything is fine on the outside and that there are no problems with the structure of the property.

Start by doing a roof revision. Roofing materials are durable, but sooner or later you have to renovate them. If you have detected leaks or your home is more than 30 years old, it is likely that you will require a change in this part.

Distribution of the house

Among the main doubts about how to remodel an old house whether it is possible to change the original design. Modifying the structure is a frequent request in this type of renovation.

Modern buildings tend to have many open spaces, unlike the older ones. You have to break down walls to connect some areas. This should be done by experts, because there are walls that have a structural function and are not just to divide.

Other ways to expand the space in the property are to convert the basement into a room. It can be a bedroom, a recreation room, etc. Or you can add an extension to the house. Some of these modifications qualify as major reforms and require permission.

Change the floors

The floor of houses is one of the areas that most suffers over time. The areas of high traffic are the most delicate. You can change the entire floor or in specific areas. If you have carpets or carpets, replace them with tiles for a more modern touch.

If you want to keep carpets, consider buying new ones. Keep in mind that these will need adequate maintenance to last longer.

An inexpensive way to remodel a house without spending a lot is to cover the old floor with vinyl floors. It is economical and easy to install. Replacing some old floor tiles with decorative ones will also give a new look. Wooden pallets are also an alternative to reform the floor.

Renovate the kitchen

This is one of the places where the family spends the most time. So, a comprehensive reform of the kitchen is a great option and sometimes a necessity. You can add an extension to the house to gain space in the kitchen. Or tear down the wall to integrate it with the rest of the property and create an open environment.

But there are also simple changes that you can use to reform this area. You can change the color of the cabinets, replace glass tile kitchen backsplash, etc. Also, you can change the handles for new ones.

Renew the color of the walls and ceiling. If you have enough space add a new cabinet to expand storage capacity.

Other changes in the kitchen that require a larger budget are:

  • Replace appliances with new ones.
  • Change the floor of the kitchen.
  • Replace the stops.
  • Reform the bathroom

There are also simple changes that can be made in the bathroom to improve their appearance. Although the first thing we can think of is changing the sink, the toilet or the shower. There are more economical modifications, for example, replace countertops.

Adding more storage space with a new cabinet is also an alternative. Changing the mirror or replacing the tiles can also make a difference.

Check if you need to add new power outlets or more ventilation to your bathroom.

With this guide, you can plan the reform of a house without setbacks. If you have a project in mind, contact us and ask for a budget without commitment.

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Teacher-turned online blogger, Shirley is a full-time backyard homesteader based in Virginia. When she doesn't have her face buried in a book or striding in her garden, she's busy blogging about simple life hacks of the daily life.

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