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Are You Aware of “PROS and CONS of 9H CERAMIC COATING?”

Author: Exppress Carwash
by Exppress Carwash
Posted: Jun 22, 2019

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Believe in getting your car proper coating?

You desire your car to look as shiny as it was on the day you got it. If you are searching for an auto detailing company, surely then you can give a visit to Exppress car wash. This detailing company caters quality services for matching the vehicle’s demand. Trust me, car detailing segment; ceramic coating will give a new look and feel to your car. Along with this, you can avail the addition of amazing and protective surface.

Moreover, if you dream your old vehicle to appear the same then you regularly wash it. Along with washing, you can ask for a new layer of quality wax or sealant after a certain period of time. Furthermore, despite all your efforts; chips, swirl marks, and stains start to appear onto the surface. Apart from this, dirt, water spots, grime and bird droppings start clinging to the car after every wash. So, if you have an old or new car, you’re surely going to be wanting to maintain a clean showroom look. Nano Ceramic Coating helps to keep your car and surface shine new for as long as possible.

Without a doubt, Nano ceramic coating is the product which acts as a protective shield for your car. This car coating will Definitely protect your vehicle from all sort of environmental hazards like UV rays, acid rain, etc. Along with protection, this shield brings ease in car washing practice. Apart from this; it saves your money as you don’t require to go for reapplication of wax r any sealants.

Good news! The protective product is none other than 9H Ceramic Coating. This shield could enhance substantial value to love. Thinking of ceramic coating for the car is obviously a promising task. There are even people, who prefer to get ceramic coating over their car even before the final delivery.

What do Your Understand from Nano Ceramic Coatings?

It is nothing but a clear coat, that has a liquid polymer. Whenever you apply the ceramic coating to the exterior surface of the vehicle, the polymer creates a strong chemical bond with the factory paint. Once the complete coating has been done professionally, further, you can remove it by using just abrasion. No chemicals can remove this clear coating. If you prefer the professional application, this 9H ceramic coating can last forever on the car’s surface. So, heading towards the getting nano ceramic coating over your car, ensure to check out the relatable pros and cons.

PROS of Nano Ceramic Coating:

  • Nano ceramic coating; gives perfect protection to the surface of the car. It is nano-coating, that will shield the vehicle from various scratches, chemical etching, harsh contaminants, and dirt. The Nano ceramic coating further does not turn up with any side-effects to the original coating of the car’s surface.
  • This form of 9H Nano Coating is importantly in demand due to the durability in comparison to any of the regular paint. As this vehicle coating application is clearly done with the stock paint mainly due to strong chemical bonding. This protective shield stays under heavy shocks and vibrations.
  • Furthermore, a vehicle with a 9H ceramic coating is even easier to wash, clean and maintain. The body panels of the car with professional 9H Nano coating will remain soft and even abrasion free. Therefore, this surface with coating won’t have any space for the contaminants to stick on. Even so, if it does, simply wiping off with clean cloth will bring back the radiant finish.
  • Previously, the waxing process was the professional’s choice to restore the shine. Contrary to this, waxing is a temporary process and eventually wears off. Both wax and ceramic coating consume a considerable time span for better application. But for the long run, Nano ceramic coating is better than waxing due to better finish and durability.
  • As the 9H ceramic coating much lasts long, therefore; this detailing service is highly cost-effective. This car coating; perfect to protect your vehicle way better than before.

CONS of 9H Nano Coating:

Nevertheless, there are a few basic disadvantages of ceramic coating application. Without any doubt, you can easily resolve these basic consequences with the help of a few minor changes. But still, ensure to learn about the basic cons before making any final investment. Before knowing the disadvantages, always believe that the advantage of this Nano ceramic coating is worth making an investment.

  • Nano ceramic coating is a bit costly. The market price of this detailing product significantly varies depending on the quality chosen. Once made an investment, the layer of 9H ceramic coating will last long. Above all, get this coating is a smart thing to invest on. Moreover, the coating price is still much lower than the paint protection film.
  • Just like any other big project, the application of 9H ceramic coating takes time. You might have to leave your car for three days at detailing studio for getting a professional application. However, remember to always let the professional handle these kinds of detailing services. Moreover, if you fail to perform this correctly, the Nano ceramic coating layer which may not appear perfect. So, be careful of that!

A Nano ceramic coating provides primarily a protecting layer to the car body of the vehicle. This clear layer blocks all contaminant from inflicting harm to the exterior surface of the car. A car must be able to simply endure a wide range of foreign attacks to its exterior body. Foreign hampers include scratches, mud, bug splatters, dirt, bird dropping and any alternative contaminants which are a part of rough road. This Nano ceramic coating will ensure that the vehicle’s initial coating is protected under a clear layer. An effective shield will surely help you to remove all your car protection tension.


Simply, properly research about the Nano ceramic coating before taking a decision about application onto the car. Will the ceramic coatings benefit the car and add extra value? Certainly! these Nano ceramic coatings an actual miracle, one-stop solution for all of the exterior problems of the car? To know more about this miracle, get connected to us through

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