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Turn your consumer services with smart service center automation

Author: Shivam Chauhan
by Shivam Chauhan
Posted: Jun 24, 2019

Customers expectations from the service center have changed dramatically in the digital age. At present, the customer is expected to have easy access to a service help desk, quick reply to their questions and even their equipment for home repair in the same day.With increasing competition, a great service center experience can easily differentiate between a product which is bought frequently and which is reached by the consumer, Archiz CRM- the first customer experience management companies in india that helps support team in the way that they want.

Call Center CRM Software helps to service centers to optimize and streamline their operations. Our workflows and service center automation rules enable you to coordinate operations between call centers and physical service agents. Brands such as ARCHIZ CRM enables to provide consistent customer experience and ensure that their machines continue to work unnecessarily. It has helped them to promote all the important word-promotions from their existing customers.

So, let's see how we can implement CRM software in the service center environment.

Understand the management process of a service center operation :

Unlike the call center, the service center needs to get the questions, understand the necessary steps and execute those solutions on a daily basis. It involves obtaining customer questions, identifying the nature of each query, specifying questions to related departments, monitoring field assignments and ensuring a successful solution to customer queries.

Archiz CRM for the service industry helps you organize and coordinate between these various essential tasks.

Firstly, Call Center Software with CRM Integration allows you to receive all online and offline customer inquiries through a single platform. You can integrate various inbound channels like call, website, social media platforms and many emails. It streamlines the questions in a single dashboard.

At this point, the system applies a set of rules to separate and assign each query. Here are some custom automation rules that simplify the operation of the call center in the service center.

Automatic customer profile: -

Any new customer messages received through social, email, text or phone are automatically recognized as a special customer based on the predetermined customer profile. This allows you to quickly review the products you purchased and any previous customer interactions.

Automatic Email Partition

: - Archiz CRM enables you to specify keywords and filter email based on specified keywords. Emails with specific keywords can be rooted to be assigned to specific teams.

Task management

: - You can set rules to avoid the queue for your most important customers and to be present on a priority basis. This particular client email ID can always be assigned to special recipients.

Mobility - first approach to speed and streamline different area operations:

After a particular product complaint is filed, customers usually expect to get their machines to participate and improve by an authorized service professional as soon as possible. It places responsibility on service centers to make customers move quickly before the defective machine in their premises before being excited.

CRM Software - The first area management system enables service centers to assign, manage and track the activities of individual sector personnel.

First of all, area professionals can install light-weight GPS-enabled mobile CRM apps available for both Android and Apple devices. It connects the service agent to the cloud-infrastructure of the CRM Platform all day long.

Mobile-enabled field management brings these benefits of client servicing to the table.

  • The new meeting can be assigned to a service agent on the basis of the current GPS position

  • A qualified field worker will be able to cover maximum customer locations

  • Ensure that each field meeting takes place in a timed and timely manner

  • Issue new order approval for new spare parts and/or products from client location.

Planning and assigning visits to the daily area

To cut back in the client waiting time, you need to find a way to increase the productivity and efficiency of field service personnel. An easy and straightforward way of achieving this objective will be to cover maximum customer locations in a given transit route.

Completing area activities and Task assignments

Ideally, the employees of each field should be able to complete and resolve each assignment in a given day. But this is not always the case. Incomplete meetings, incomplete proposals, additional services can be provided on the basis of customer request.

Automatic customer AMC and warranty package

The purpose of AMC (annual maintenance contract) and warranty packages is to increase the lifespan of the product and thereby make customers happy. However, most service centers struggle with on-time servicing of AMC and warranty packages. Most service centers rely only on notifying customers about their pending package, without the way to track and update the dispatch of this pre-contracted servicing.

AMC Management Software provides a more systematic and automated way to serve AMC packages to your existing customers. AMC Software lets you generate tickets for any upcoming AMC or Warranty service package. The service agent can see the pending tickets for the service package and assign them to the specified area agent.

AMC Software Solutions also makes it easy to get new AMC orders from your current customers. Due to being equipped with mobile CRM, field agents can start ordering for new AMC packages because they go to the customer's location. It immediately adds new AMC purchases to Archiz CRM module that is known as free amc management software.

Their permission is that you are more efficient and can provide a fully streamlined AMC package to your customers.

Tracking NPS and other customer satisfaction metrics

After each servicing, Archiz CRM Software lets you send automated email/text/ WhatsApp messages to customers' satisfaction. This allows you to get an NPS score and to inform about any potential hiccups happening during customer service.

Reviewing performance and employee productivity

Archiz CRM lets you track all employee activities and automate recording through a forum. By adding all the different touch points, you can get a comprehensive picture of both service and area agent performance.

The reporting system of CRM Software allows you to get reports about existing tickets, resolved tickets, meetings and pending meetings immediately.

Conclusions: -

If you are a product or hardware provider, then it is likely that your hardware or electronic equipment will require engineering or technical support at any time. Rather than being an opportunity to get this situation to excite the customer, the producer should immediately correct the issues through a well-equipped service center.

Archiz CRM for call center and field support can make the task of finding the most efficient solution simple and effective for each hardware problem. This organization will be able to increase customer retention and goodwill for the organization.

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