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Industrial IoT – Application and Benefits

Author: Kv Gopalakrishnan
by Kv Gopalakrishnan
Posted: Jun 27, 2019

The ability to connect everyday devices, both digital and mechanical, in order to build an interconnected virtual world that transfers data easily is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). This technology facilitates the monitoring and managing of several interconnected devices through a common remote. In simple terms, IoT facilitates the connection of everyday things with internet for easy operation. IoT solutions can be utilized in various commonly used devices such as wearable, Smart grids, smart home, connected cars, and even retail & healthcare. When the same technology is imported to benefit the industrial sector, it can be referred to as the Industrial Internet of Things. Industrial IoT basically uses smart sensors build in devices to enhance the manufacturing process. Let’s try to understand the meaning, application, and benefits of IoT.

Industrial Internet of Things is essentially an arrangement of intelligent devices linked to structure a system, which can collect, transfer, monitor, and at the end of the day analyze data. Every industrial IoT Solution comprises of the following:

  • An asset to sense, transfer, and eventually store data collected from other interlinked devices;• Infrastructure to facilitate data collection• Analytics and function that produce industry information

Outlining the benefits of the industrial internet of things is significant to understand how and how much technology can impact business growth and sustainability. The most important aspect of the industrial internet of things is that it assists businesses in predictive maintenance. This signifies that the organizations use real-time data generated from IIoT systems and can easily forecast defects in machinery. For instance, detection of any defects before they occur enables the organization to take action within time and address the issues. Companies can work on the failing parts much before the machine goes down, which can eventually enhance performance while improving value. Apart from this, IoT solutions in industry can also improve field service. This technology helps technicians working on the field in identifying any possible issues in the equipment they are working on much before it turns out into a major issue. This simply means a simple technology of IIoT can fix the problems before customer inconvenience occurs.

Some other benefits of working with IIoT include asset tracking and enhanced customer satisfaction. The technology can help all stakeholders such as the suppliers, manufacturers, and customers in asset management. They can track the location; check the status and also the condition of products during the supply chain process. Instant alerts set up by IoT solutions on occasion such as damaged goods provides a chance for preventive action in order to rectify the situation.

Bringing extensive industrial experience and expertise, Ecoaxis strives to provide optimum industrial automation solutions and IoT solutions in India. Organisations today are moving towards smart solutions and IoT gateway in India promises to facilitate this transition. The system to capture and transfer accurately collected data through a safe network to the cloud and acquire access to advanced analytics can have multiple benefits for any organisation. Adoption to modern technological advancements such as Industrial Internet of things is significant to enhance the manufacturers to operate at the peak of their capabilities.

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