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Real Estate Digitally

Author: Pooja Agrawal
by Pooja Agrawal
Posted: Jun 29, 2019

The Indian Real Estate Market has seen a timely intervention by the government plans and initiatives which made the buyers curious about investing in affordable residential properties. This has revealed that the big developers are now back in business as more and more customers are turning in to buy properties than before.

Around 65 per cent of the home buying journey goes through the stage of the online process. This may include multiple stages such as researching the market, looking for the perfect home and even making the financial moves. This number is expected to rise in the coming future as users will be using the internet as a more methodical channel for property hunt. Mobile phones have become one of the important aspects of our lives and hence the number of users using the mobile platform as their primary tool for market research have increased significantly.

Due to the increase in the demand of a residential accommodation the developers are raising up their sleeves to shift up the process of satisfying the needs of the buyers. The real estate market has become a battleground for both the new and the old players and in order to survive both of them are coming up with offerings in order to attract more buyers. However, the extra freebies are just delusional charms and don’t add up to the real value of the property.

Nowadays online portals have become the source and mode of buying a house. Every other real estate website is adding properties under their offerings making it much feasible for the buyers to look for the perfect home without leaving their comfort zone. The buyers are moving towards digital space and hence it also works in favour of both the developers and the buyers. On the other hand, the online real estate portals are also getting the benefit which has become the natural way to expand their business.

Although every aspect of the home buying experience is being enhanced by online innovations, the financial aspect of the home buying process still needs to be addressed. This is the only part of the process where the buyers feel that it can be enhanced as well. Home buying is not only about achieving your dream home but also sacrificing the hard earned money at once. The biggest hurdle that is faced by a buyer is the Down Payment which decides whether the dreams will be fulfilled or not. This involved challenge requires a lot of savings to satisfy the needs of the down payment and hence most people either fail to complete the process of buying or choose for rented options.

However, with innovations going all around, one such innovation has increased the probability of buying your dream home early in life. HomeCapital with its Down Payment Assistance Program has enabled millions of buyers to fulfil their home ownership dream. It helps reduce the waiting time for the home buyers to accumulate savings for the down payment. The down payment assistance is in the form of interest-free credit through their partnered financial institutions. This innovative and powerful idea helps buyers to complete the milestone of home buying bringing a positive change to their lives.

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Author: Pooja Agrawal

Pooja Agrawal

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