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Top 7 ways to make an Awesome Poster

Author: Anvi Bajaj
by Anvi Bajaj
Posted: Jun 30, 2019

While design a poster the most important aspect is knowing your audience, and product, or service or event is the first bit of critical information. Next step is, the mood, emotion, or reaction will lead to colors, fonts, and graphics that complement the information. Here are the top 7 Tips being included Graphic Design Courses in Delhi and they are very easy to use. 1.Use Humor:Adding humor to the poster makes it look different and helps to attract the people. Play with words and use unexpected imagery, unless, of course, you have a serious subject. Be silly and funny.It also makes the poster very intresting.

  1. Your composition should be balanced:While designing a poster for the use of symmetry, centering, and repetition creates balance for the eye. The next points that balance of colors is important, the weight of graphics, the amount of text used or a mix of them. Balance doesn’t mean the poster has to be perfectly centered and it also doesn’t mean that to be symmetrical it has to be the same on each half. It actually means that one side isn’t heavier, it doesn’t contain all of the information on all of the graphics.
  2. Use of Creative Illustrations:While designing a poster you can design them by using creative illustrations as they show the creative side of yourself, and makes your poster look different from others.Through creative Illustrations you can create your own drama or characters and you are open to an entire world designed specifically for your purpose. Illustration can be flat or have layers and depth.
  3. Formatting and Sizing is important:One of the important points to be noted while designing a poster is that the formatting and sizing of text play an important role. As the format helps to make the design look better and impressive.It also makes the poster look aesthetically good.
  4. Evoke Emotion through your Poster:While Designing a poster try to evoke emotion. This will make people who see your poster to share and engage with it. Even a single word or image in a poster can evoke great emotion like love, anger, sadness.
  5. Play with Contrast: If you play with contrast it will create a more interesting composition in the poster.You can achieve contrast in a variety of ways, and you can choose opposing colors such as blue, and orange, or go for black, and white instead of color. You can partner it with bold, dramatic fonts with thin ones. Otherwise use loud pictures with soft colors.
  6. Ensure Flow of Graphic Elements:While designing your poster, you must ensure that graphic elements flow together.The other point to keep in mind is that you must Know how you want the reader to get the information. You can achieve that with use of color, lines, size, and weight of the text. Create a path for them to follow.

ConclusionI hope these top 7 tips to help you deign an amazing poster.As these tips are being used by

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My name is Anvi Bajaj. I am a freelance Graphic Designer. I have completed my course from Digital Technological Institue Delhi. I have done my graduation in Bachelors in Business Administration. I love to design post for Social Media platforms.

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