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Know these 5 Common Golfing Mistakes

Author: Carly Odgers
by Carly Odgers
Posted: Jul 01, 2019

Golf is indeed one of the most challenging sports, and there are possibilities for beginners to make mistakes. To be a pro, it is vital that you learn the rules and eliminate all the possible mistakes during the game. Playing golf in Perth is also one of the best ways to build your golfing skills. Here are some of the common golfing mistakes that you need to know, so as to improve your chances of winning:

Skipping Warm Up:

While several people dispute the idea of warming up before playing the game, you should remember that this is a sport and golfing does strain on your muscles. So, failing to warm up will not just lead to body pains, but it impacts your performance as well. Working out a little bit or doing a warm up routine before you begin the game will be beneficial indeed.

Swinging Too Hard & Too Fast:

Majority of golfers are aiming for more distance and power. And in order to attain these goals, they tend to swing too hard and too fast. Even though a fast swing will lead to a long shot, it is also necessary for the ball to strike in the middle of the clubface. Since beginners do not have that skill of swinging at incredible speeds, you’d need to slow down and practise on the swings when starting out. This will eventually lead to better shots and considerable distance as well.

Improper Alignment:

Bad alignments will lead to imperfect shots. Golfers usually align their feet when aiming for their target. However, one should align their toes parallel to the target line, and this is the alignment to be maintained. You need to constantly work upon your alignment for better results.

Failing to Check the Equipment before Play:

Always ensure to check the equipment before you start to play golf in Perth. Sometimes it might be damaged or broken, and may require to be repaired. Use a proper, well-maintained equipment to play and get exceptional results.

Picking the Wrong Ball:

There could be a chance that you might be using the wrong ball. For instance, beginners will have to use a ball that gives distance and is durable, rather than going for the regular, expensive ones. As you practise, you might have to replace the balls more often. When you reach the required skill, you could then use an expensive ball.

These are some of the important mistakes you should keep in mind when you are about to practise at golf courses in Perth. Learn and master your skills with constant practise, and you will reach your goals in no time.

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Author: Carly Odgers

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