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Are bail bonds useful? The benefits you didn’t know

Author: Trudy Seeger
by Trudy Seeger
Posted: Jul 01, 2019
bail bond

No one wants to be in jail and feel miserable! Watching your dear one sitting behind bars, feeling frustrated and helpless is painful, especially if he/she is innocent. Life has its uncertainties and unfair moments. Innocent people often fall in the trap of shrewd individuals, who trap them in wicked ways. At other times, accidents and mishaps take place without one's knowledge. And before the defendant could realize, he/she can be held guilty for a crime where they had zero contribution and intention. Getting in touch with a lawyer is an obvious to-do. It’s more important to get the person out from jail on bail.

What is a bail bond?

Simply put, a bail bond is a proper agreement by the defendant to make court appearances during the trial. Here a specific payment is made to free the defendant from jail instantly. The defendant can stay at home with his/her family during the legal case proceedings. The bail bond is co-signed by a professional bail bondsman, who in turn takes a fee from the defendant to secure their payment. However, the payment takes place after the legal case settlement. A bail bond works as a security bond. The bail bondsman pays 90% of the bail amount. The defendant’s family funds the remaining 10%.

The advantages of bail bonds

A bail bond brings with it several benefits. The important ones are:

1. It provides the required financial help

When your loved one is held guilty by the court for a crime, he/she never did, it's essential to appoint a lawyer who can fight the case successfully. No ace lawyer, who has a history of successful cases, will charge a small amount. You need to save and pay for the lawyer fees and expenditures. Paying a hefty bail amount might be a financial burden for you. Hence, it is essential that you opt-in for a bail bond that will provide you the necessary financial assistance.

2. You can save time

You can get into financial stress with cash bails. Cash bail will make you pay 100% of the bail amount, to release your loved one from prison. Arranging this enormous amount might take time. And till such time, the defendant will have to put up in jail. When you say yes to a bail bond, you can pay in small installments. It helps to plan your finances better.

3. Convenience and security

When you pay the bail bond amount in regular but small installments, you can pay through debit, credit, and cash. Alternatively, you can also make cheque deposits. Online payments are also accepted today. It saves you from going to the court for case proceedings and settlement, with an increased amount for the bail.

4. Get the best advice

When you are opting in for a bail bond, you come in contact with a bail bondsman as well! These professionals are aware of the legal processes and other legal jargon. You have access to expert advice that you can make good use of while opting for the bail bond.

When you say yes to a bail bond, you buy time, get your loved one out of jail and coordinate with an ace lawyer to provide him innocent of the crime. It helps you plan your finances and the legal case better.

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