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15 Times Khloe Kardashian Looked Better Than Her Sisters But Didn’t Get Any Credit

Author: Sienna Haynes
by Sienna Haynes
Posted: Dec 05, 2014

Yes, she’s the funniest, but there’s nothing funny about the way she dresses. Fashion-wise, Khloe Kardashian is underrated. Perhaps it is because Kim Kardashian and her boobs hog all of the attention. Now that her half-sisters are older, Khloe has to compete with Kendall Jenner showing her fashion nipples and punky Kylie Jenner. Khloe may not have landed on the cover of Vogue, but she has enough style to make it on to a best dressed list or two–she just needs someone to take notice. Don’t worry Khloe, I have.

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Let’s take a look back at 15 times, Khloe Kardashian looked amazing but was overshadowed by her sisters (and their body parts):


If we took more notice of Khloe’s simple LBD, she would have gotten credit for starting the stomach-exposing, crop top trend. How could anyone compete with Kim’s sparkly disco ball dress? If that wasn’t distracting enough, Kourtney is wearing fur shoulder pads.


Remember when Khloe was as redhead? Didn’t think so. Of course, we all remember when Kim originally went blonde. I wish Khloe didn’t have to pose with her sisters because I’d really like to see her work this long flowy dress. Plus, the photo of Kim and Kourtney posing together looking like twins in near identical metallic dresses would be hilarious.


Kim and her boobs stole the show (again!), which is a shame. Khloe deserved a fashion award for managing to pull off a velvet dress that looks like it’s made from the fabric of a Christmas tree skirt. And she did it with almost-black lips. Don’t feel bad Khloe, I don’t even remember Kourtney being there, or that she borrowed Karl Lagerfeld‘s suit.


Hello Kris, are you trying to take the style spotlight away from Khloe too? It looks like the Kardashian’s planned to wear matching black outfits but Kim decided to wear a leopard print, so she would remain the center of attention. Boo. Khloe’s asymmetric sparkly skirt is awesome but I’m too busy seeing spots to properly appreciate it. You can’t miss that Khloe is wearing the best shoes, hands down.


Now it looks like we have a leopard-print face-off. I bet Khloe thought she would wear a printed dress to stand out, but Kim one-upped her with a full-length jumpsuit. I’m beginning to think that the problem is that Khloe is letting Kim see her red carpet looks first and Kim is then making sure she has the boldest look-at-me outfit.


More animal print again! This time Khloe is the only one in leopard. And she looks like a very sexy secretary. Not that I have ever seen secretaries with waves that immaculate. The curly-haired Duggar sisters can go eat their hats.


Khloe doesn’t go for all the bling, feathers and sequins her sisters like, she keeps it more streamlined and simple. When you look this good in a LBD with a sheer yoke, wouldn’t you?


Can we also talk beauty for a second? Compiling this list made me realize that Khloe can pull off a variety of beauty looks. I love that she forgot the fake tan and went with a raspberry lipstick.


Khloe shows her statuesque beauty in a long-sleeved jumpsuit. The yellow clutch is a very fashion blogger styling choice and she is working that perfume bottle as good as her model sister, Kendall.


I think I might have discovered Kim’s secret. If she thinks that her sister looks better than her, she wears the shiniest outfit she can find (see #1) to focus the attention back on her. It’s too bad because Khloe is pulling off a super deep-V neckline (again) and a long ankle length dress, that would just look awkward on her diminutive sisters.


Now that they’re older, Kylie and Kendall Jenner are going to try and deflect the attention away from Khloe. Khloe’s wearing a leather dress with a crop top-like cutout and sexy slit, that actually doesn’t look like a wardrobe malfunction waiting happen.


I think the concept of a book signing confused some of the Kardashian sisters (ahem, Kourtney). Khoe got the the I’m-an-author-of-a-book-with-an-intentionally-misspelled-title look right with an all black outfit. She keeps it from being too literary scholar with leather trousers an a zebra prink scarf.


We all know that the Kardashians can pull off sexy, glam and everything in between, but Khloe went for something a little different here. She tried a more bohemian look and it worked out well. Of course, she kept it from being too Sienna Miller circa 2006 with Kardashian-approved chunky sandals.


Khloe knows what silhouettes work on her and she wisely sticks with them. It’s much better than trying a fur sleeve an realizing it doesn’t really work. (Better luck next time Kim). Here she is in a monochrome blue outfit with plunging neckline, looking amazing.


Khloe’s pink and white wrap blouse is perfectly lovely, but I cannot tear my eyes away from those heels. They are way more exciting than Kourtney’s summer boots and Kim’s basic Loboutins, if you can ever call Christian Louboutins basic.

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