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7 Essential Game App Marketing Strategies: Enhance your business skills and become a pro in game app

Author: Aniket Singh
by Aniket Singh
Posted: Jul 04, 2019

With lots of video games available in the market and the studios spending high on promotion through celebrity endorsement and TV ads, making the market more competitive than ever for the new developers. In this situation, you need a strong game app marketing strategy to be successful. It’s advisable that you first try developing and marketing a free gaming app as free apps can generate larger revenue than the paid ones and it’s also easier to attract people and get more users of your app. We like to provide you with further information on how free apps make money. Check out our blog to know more about it.

If you want to shine in the game app market then creating, developing and launching your game is just the start. You have to go a long way to become a successful game app publisher. And that will only be possible with an efficient marketing strategy.

Whether a beginner or a pro developer these game app marketing strategies will help you in every aspect for a successful ad campaign for your game and can open up a lot of new possibilities in front of you. And, if you are a beginner our blog on how to make a game app could be a great help to you.

So, here are the 10 effective game app marketing strategies that will help you to become a successful game app developer and to shine in the gaming app developing market.

Game app marketing through social media:

The first and foremost step towards an effective game app marketing is to get visible on social media. You are here to SELL your services. So, don’t put yourself back saying, "I’m not that social." You just have to be visible to become a successful developer and earn a good amount of revenue through it. Post about your game in every possible social media. Get visible everywhere and let your potential customers know about the services you provide.

Facebook, Twitter, Insta can be your starting point to promote your game as a lot of people use these media on a daily basis. There are free tools like Buffer which will provide you with the basic analytics to help you with your potential customers. Also, the advertising tools provided by each social media can be a great help for the marketization of your game app. This is one of the cost-effective game app marketing strategies available.

Create your own website:

If you’ve tried the social media services on, then it’s time to get your own website. This is a very essential part of your marketing strategy. Linking all your social media accounts into one and present an easier way to contact can help more than you can think. Journalists will go first for a gaming website than a social media account of the same studio.

Choose an engaging title for your website and make sure all the relevant information is present there. All your contacts and press information should be accessible through it. Enrich it with screenshots, logos, banners, bio about your studio and bio about your game.

Through content marketing:

The next step after creating your blog is to use it efficiently and content marketing is one of the best ways for it. Content marketing can lead you to a number of ways but the most advisable of all is blogging. It’s considered one of the best game app marketing strategies. An interesting blog not only shares information about your game but also attracts a lot of attention. It’s a way to intrigue people to your game even before they have tried it out. You will surely get more players for your game if your content gets shared around the internet.

It’s all about putting interesting facts about your game/s. Don’t just put every single detail about your game arbitrarily. Make sure your blogs are interesting enough to get the attention of your potential customers.

App store optimization:

App store optimization is a gaming app marketing strategy that allows developers to position their apps to raise their rankings and make them visible to users after following a set of ASO strategies. Effective uses of ASO tactics can drive traffic to your game by increasing its visibility. And if they find it interesting enough they will turn into players from visitors.

So let's look into the ASO tactics that will help you in monetizing your game app.

1. Name of your app: The name of your app is the first thing that your audiences are going to search for. So, the name of your game app should create a significant impact on their minds that they look forward to playing it. The name of an app should not be concise and easy to spell. You can research and phrase names which people are prone to type but your app’s name should be authentic.

Apps’ names play a greater role in apps’ ranking. So, while choosing your game app’s name make sure that it comprises your app’s keyword. But don’t just thrust the keyword in your app. It should be a combination of your brand and keyword. To get the appropriate keyword you can use services like Google AdWords, App Annie, and Sensor Tower.

2. App description: App description is also an important part of APO. you should be very careful while writing your app description. Often people don’t show much interest in reading the full app description. So, you should put all the relevant information of your app within the first three or four lines of your app description. You can also use keyword in your app description, which will make the possibilities higher for your app to win over other apps in the app store.

Make sure your app description contains which problems are solved by your app and never forget to mention what's new. Research on the top relevant keywords and use them in your app description to increase visibility.

3. App icon: Your game app icon is going to create the first impression on the probable players of your game. People often skip apps and games if they don’t like their icons. So, you need to choose your game icon very carefully. Though having a catchy icon doesn’t always secure good numbers of download for your game. But it definitely increases the opportunity that people will read your app description. Hence, increases the probability of downloading.

Here are some tips to design a good app icon:

  • 1. Try to keep it as simple as possible. There should be only one central concept to represent your app.

  • 2. Try not using any word in your game app icon. The name of the app is there for that.

  • 3. Try it against several different backgrounds to make sure your icon is in perfect size, shape, and color.

4. Screenshots: Putting screenshots in app stores is one of the best game app monetization strategies. Screenshots give a clear perspective to your users about your game. Try these tips to make your screenshots more impactful.

  • First, you need to put a screenshot of your app’s homepage. It will help to demonstrate the main features of your app.

  • Write short but informative captions for your screenshots. Different people might interpret your screenshots differently. The captions will help them to get a clearer understanding of them. Make your captions concise as they are only there to supplement your screenshots.

  • Create a picture guide to your game by using screenshots for people want to like it beforehand what they are going to play.

However, this can’t create any magical effect on your game traffic. Any game app marketing strategy needs time to show results and this is no exception. So you have to be very patient with it and give your best efforts to become successful.

Game app marketing through the press:

Though it can seem a very tiresome job it’s one of the most crucial game app marketing strategies. Reach out to as many press contacts as you can and send them all press releases about your game. Make sure you have enough review keys ready for the journalists or to have a beta build is even better. Journalists will only review those things, they will have first-hand experiences with.

Before you go to the press, put together the resources into a press kit. The press kit should contain screenshots, logos, and any other promotional art. You should prepare a game fact sheet, a company fact sheet too. After creating those, you can also encompass your video trailer and a game demo in it as well.

By creating a landing page:

Creating a landing page can be a very effective game app marketing strategy. It’s one of the best promotional tools available. It is a one-page website where you can connect your game’s app store pages. It also helps to grab the email addresses of potential subscribers.

You can inform them via email about the release date of your game. There is a high chance for your game to be downloaded as people will only show interest in your landing page when they actually want to try the game out. Keep your game landing page simple and free from complications. Provide all relevant information in a simple and catchy style to attract people.

Game app marketing through game reviewers:

Despite being a seemingly less effective technique, reviewing your game through a reviewing website can be a very compelling game app marketing strategy. Send your game to as many game review websites as possible.

Include all the necessary information about your game, as well as an intriguing description, teaser video and website link which will give your submission a more professional and noteworthy approach. Don’t forget to include a promo code for your game.

So, here we have presented the top 6 game app marketing strategies which can give a good start to your game developing business. Strategies are here to help you out from difficulties and to expose your potentials on business but it’s hard work and persistence that pays you off at the end of the day. So, make sure you’re working really hard, be patient and your game app will definitely shine in the game app market.

Do you think we’ve missed your favorite game app marketing strategy? Let us know it now and also, what do you think about these strategies by commenting in the comment section below.

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Aniket is a marketing strategist in Vyrazu Labs, and he loves to write more on marketing strategies for startups. In his free time, he loves to play football.

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