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Use The Power Of Candles To Interpret Your Future

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: Jul 03, 2019
days candles

7 days candles have been used for a while, to either interpret or change our futures for the better good. Use of candles plays a very crucial role in letting us reach our goal in life. The candlelight creates a very soothing environment which clears our find from all of our obstructs and confusions.

What Are Seven Day Candles And How To Use Them?

These are the big, cylindrical ones in glass containers. They may be produced of strong colored wax, or distinct colored waxes may be used to lay them. Many of them, like St. Michael the Archangel, your Guardian Angel, the Virgin Mary, and so on, have religious images attached to them. There are also 7-day specialties found in mystic shops that are made with pictures that show what they are for.

Sometimes these may have dollar symbols or shamrocks printed on the glass to show they are for excellent luck and spells of cash. They may have pictures and words indicating they're made for spells of love.

Whatever kinds you use, when you burn them, there are methods to interpret them. When burning these, always take care of them. Although they may be left unattended, if you leave or if there are young kids or pets around, do not leave them burning in the house. Some people find it best to let them burn to increase the power of a spell but to let them burn in a bath so they won't catch anything on fire.

Interpretation From Their Flames

It's fun to interpret your 7 days candles and can assist you to figure out how your spell or intentions work. When a wick pops or cracks when burning, it usually means you're talking about the person involved in the spell. You may need to do more work to improve the results. If a flame goes out on its own and the candle is for protection, this means that your spirits have been unable to work for you. This can be fixed by trying again and calling for help from higher powers. The magic of candles is mysterious and mystical. To assist you in operating your next spells, use these indications.

This means that if the wick burns only on one side, the spell is half as effective as it should be. This means that if the wick burns only on one side, the spell is half as effective as it should be. If the candle smokes a lot when it burns, it means that your goals are hidden in the way. A person from the other side is receptive to your thoughts and prayers if the flame flicks a lot. Another interesting sign is when soot makes your candle wick black. This means there's a lot of emotional baggage attached to your spell that needs to be cleaned up before the spell can be successful.

As you have read from earlier could be interpreted and later on used to correct the mistakes that you could fix in the near future. Whether you are a believer of God or not, but it is highly advised to at least give it a try and work on the signs shown by the burning candle.

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Fareed is a graduate of computer science engineering, a writer and marketing consultant. he continues to study on Nano technology and its resulting benefits to achieving almost there.

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