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How to Take Proper Care of Your Lovely Cats?

Author: Roth Norman
by Roth Norman
Posted: Jul 01, 2014

Pet care of cats is a lot simpler than dog care. Unlike dogs, cats usually don’t need much fondness. They don’t shred couch like dogs. All they need is a small litter box to use. Here are some of the simple ideas suggested by Orlando veterinary clinic to take proper care of cats in apartments and small homes that might be helpful if you are a cat lover.

You can easily feed your cat. They usually require kibble, fresh water and, wet food which is specifically made for cat, every day. Replace her water two times a day. Give kibble every morning and wet cat’s food in evening. You will easily know what he loves and what not. Hence, choosing a good food for them is not hard. If he is indoor cat, give her wet food which helps in hairballs. You may visit nearest animal clinicto know more.

You can choose any litter you like for your cat. Buy him a cheapest litter so that he fills up feces and urine in it. You may buy scoop able litter which brings the litter in clumps. You can choose several organic litters. For litter box, also use disposable bag which has holes at bottom. It is designed in a way that unused litter slips off the bag when bag is lifted by you. This way, its feces and urine can easily be thrown away. Change that bag one time in a week and scoop off the litter box at least one time in a day. Refer to Longwood vet clinic to know more.

Cats are nocturnal animals. Hence, they sleep throughout the day and awake in night. They wake up when you go to sleep. But indoor cats can alter their schedule and avoid hunting. In higher places, they feel safe. So, if you find your kitten sleeping over your fridge, don’t get shocked next time. By nature, they are curious animals. They love exploring along tubes, boxes, under blankets and sleeves of your shirts. The whiskers of the cats are used to detect the width of a certain point. They determine the size of area so that they can push their whole body. So, don’t remove their whiskers.

Make sure to spray and give vaccine to your cat. Cats are prone to face feline AIDS and Leukemia. So, give them booster shots every year from animal medical clinic. Cats usually spray the blend of urine, saliva and semen in order to mark their zone. So, let them spray before getting them in heat.

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. The whiskers of the cats are used to detect the width of a certain point. They determine the size of area so that they can push their whole body

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