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Air-Con Servicing and Installation

Author: Sgaircon Singapore
by Sgaircon Singapore
Posted: Jul 09, 2019

The fins, filters, and coils of an aircon general service require frequent servicing and maintenance for it to work efficiently and effectively throughout its service years. Completely neglecting necessary servicing will ensure a gradual decline in the performance of the air conditioning causing the usage of energy to increase. Here are ways to ensure your air con works maximally and efficiently as well as improve the cooling system of your home aircon service company.

Air-Con Filters

The major aspect of aircon servicing your aircon which will ensure that its efficiency is top notch is making sure that the filters are routinely cleaned or replaced. Dirty clogged filters hinder regular airflow as well as decrease the efficiency of the system significantly. Due to the obstruction of the regular airflow, the air which goes by the filter may take dirt straight to the coil evaporator and resist the heat absorbing ability of the coil. When you replace a clogged, dirty filter which a new does one you can drastically reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioner by 5-15%.

For trusted aircon service that are central, the filters are usually found someplace close to the returning ducts length. Regular filter locations are in ceilings, walls, in the air conditioner or furnaces. Air conditioners for rooms have a mounted filter in a grill which faces directly to the room. There are various types of filters some must be replaced while others are reusable and are available in various kinds of efficiencies.

Replace or clean your aircon gas topup system filters or filter every two months or even every month. However, filters would require consistent attention when the air conditioner is used frequently, in a dusty home or you have pets that bear fur.

Air-Con Coils

The evaporator coil of the aircon maintenance and the condenser coil over their service years and months collect dirt. Having a clean filter stops evaporator coils from getting soiled fast. However, as time passes, this coil will end up collecting dirt. The dirt causes a reduction of airflow as well as coil insulation aircon chemical wash, which decreases its capacity for heat absorption.

In order to avoid this issue, you need to service the evaporator coil yearly and get it cleaned as is necessary. Condenser coils which are outdoors can easily get very dirty especially if foliage is close by or the environment is dusty. However aircon chemical overhaul, you can locate the condenser coil easily to see if its fins have collected dirt. Debris and dirt close to the condenser should be minimized greatly. The area surrounding the coil has to be properly cleaned, trimming any foliage as well as getting rid of debris. The space around the condenser should be 2 feet at least in order for quality airflow to the condenser ac service singapore.

Coil Fins

The find made of aluminum on the condenser and evaporator coils can be bent easily and hinder proper airflow via the coil. Getting a "fin comb" from air con wholesalers which combs the fins back to their previous increase aircon cooling is essential.

The Condensate Drains

From time to time it is important that a stiff wire is passed through the air conditions drain channels. When an aircon repair company has drains which are clogged it will resist the unit from humidity reduction, and this excess moisture resulting from the clog will end up discoloring the carpet or walls in your home best aircon service.

Seals at the Windows for Room Air-Cons

It is necessary to see that the seal which is between the window frame and air conditioner makes proper contact with the systems metal case centralized aircon installation and split aircon installation. This seal can be damaged by moisture, which allows the cool air to be extracted out of your home.

Getting a Technician

In a situation that your air con requires more than standard servicing, it Is important to acquire the service of a professional technician. Your air conditioners problems will be easily fixed by a well trained professional air conditioner service.

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