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5 reasons why sports is important in a student's life!

Author: Mahaveer Publicschool
by Mahaveer Publicschool
Posted: Jul 11, 2019
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We know that sports or exercise is essential for a healthy body and it is equally important for the body as much as food and water are essential for living. Student life is the cornerstone of human life so It is a crucial part of a student’s growth and development. Through participation in sports, a student gets various skills, experience and confidence that helps in developing his personality.

At Mahaveer Public school, the best CBSE School in Jaipur, sports is an important part of the curriculum. The school is well equipped with multi-sporting facilities. The aim of the school is not only to improve the physical abilities of a student but also evoke a sense of good sportsmanship in them.

Today we are going to tell you why sports and games are essential in a student's life.

Improves physical and mental health:- Games and sports are essential in a student's life. Many surveys claimed that sports promote the physical and mental health of a student. They are able to concentrate well and make use of their brain better than inactive children. Outdoor and Indoor games are equally important for students. Outdoor games like football, cricket, badminton, tennis, etc keeps the mind and body active while indoor games like chess, table tennis increases the concentration level.

Sports develop life skills:- Spots is not only necessary for physical and mental growth but it also develops the life skill of the student.

It also develops social skills. When a student is involved in games then he/she meets with other children of her age and adults like their coaches and seniors. It is helpful in the development of its social skills.

Learn teamwork and discipline - Teamwork is a very important characteristic of any sportsperson. The child learns how to contribute to the victory of the team. This is a valuable property. This helps them when they grow up and do a job. He/she also learns discipline which enables the student to cope with criticism and setbacks.

Learn competitive spirit:- In the world of competition, it is necessary to teach a child how to compete and how to reach the highest place through sports activities. Also, Sports is not always about winning. Throughout sports, the child learns that losing is also a part of the game. If he/she loses then next time work harder to achieve what they missed out in the previous game.

Increase self-confidence: - If a child performs well in any sports like cricket, hockey, badminton, etc then it does not only make them happy but also boosts their confidence. Performing in front of a crowd which is constantly noticing your each and every move can be quite unnerving.

Mahaveer Public school is one of the top schools in the Jaipur not only facilitate children with the best sports equipment but also offers opportunities to participate in sports. Mahaveer school also organizes several sports events.

Note : The aim of Mahaveer Public school is to not only promote the physical and mental health of the student but also evoke sportsmanship in them.

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Mahaveer public school consider in one of the best Cbse Schools in Jaipur. We provide high quality education with our cultural heritage and modern insight. For more detail visit us.

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