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Recycling the Right Way – Guide to Recycle your Electronics

Author: Sean Erik
by Sean Erik
Posted: Jul 11, 2019

Electronic waste can be defined as used or discarded electronics that are destined for disposal, recycling, salvage, resale, and reuse. Some examples of electronic waste are DVD players, microwave ovens, radios, printers, pads, laptops, computer monitors, flat panel and tube-type televisions, cellphones and many others. Everyone reading this post has dealt with e-waste in one way or the other. Perhaps one of your gadgets has got a new version and the old version has become obsolete or your device has broken or maybe you have kept your original model as long as you can but finally have to get rid of it due to updated technology where the newly built apps are compatible with the older version.

Latest Technology: The New have become Old

Due to competitive technology, even the current technology is becoming outdated after a few months of purchase. Due to this, there is constantly changing and upgradation of electronic gadgets more often than ever before. It is estimated that 30 to million metric tons of gadgets are discarded every year.

The safest disposal for your electronic waste is at a designated electronic waste drop off location. For finding these locations just enter "nearby locations for electronic disposal in Houston" in the search engine. You can also contact your local waste haulers who collect e-waste in some specific days so that you can drop your items for proper disposal. There are electronic stores where you can dispose of smaller items like cellphones at e-waste drop off bins.

Disposing of in the most ethical way

There are several options for electronic disposal in Houston. However, make sure that you do proper research for ensuring the location that you choosing for your e-waste collection are certified and reputable. You must be aware that there are vendors who will be striping e-waste of their most valuable commodities and proceed to dump the remains unethically and illegally. These remains are deposited often in destitute areas or developing countries of the world. Here, locals with no other sources of income will work for wages on a regular basis burning, melting or disassembling the e-waste thus consuming toxic chemicals and causing others to reside in frugal conditions. Chemicals from the heap of mishandled e-waste will naturally leak into waterways and ultimately end up in rivers and oceans. This is no mystery that most of the fish we eat contains mercury.

There are some drop- off locations that are free but be wary of e-waste collectors who will pay for the e-waste. This is a red flag as electronic disposal in Houston cost money for carrying out ethically and correctly. Certified e-waste disposal and collection may not be a free service all the time but it is a responsible service. The most trusted e-waste certification programs are E-Stewards certification and R2: Responsible Recycling Certification. These programs are recognized by EPA and run by guidelines that are designed for promoting and assessing responsible practices for e-recyclers.

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