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Why Invest In Sortation Robots & Autonomous Mobile Robots?

Author: Yemon Arnold
by Yemon Arnold
Posted: Jul 12, 2019
sortation robots

Today, we can see multiple technologies and trends emerging and transforming the industries in a huge manner. In order to meet with the increasing demands of quicker order fulfillment and enhanced efficiency, enterprises are not leaving any stone unturned for adopting and implementing automated solutions. And, the new generation of robotic technology is proving to be very beneficial for warehouses, fulfillment and distribution centers. The sortation robots and autonomous mobile robots in a warehouse have become a buzz over the digital landscape. The industry leaders are implementing this technology to bring advancement in their operations in order to drive a higher number of efficiency, productivity, and throughputs with safety.

Sortation Robots:

The sortation robots enable the packaging of the increased load of products/items or parcels at a quicker pace with the automation in the easiest way possible. The equipment, being used in the entire process of tracking products or inbound shipments, can be used for streamlining the complete operation. Information gathered from the record of tracking packages also can be easily used with the analytics software for the betterment of the operation procedures. Better efficiency is also easily acquired through the proper implementation of sortation robots with other business systems.

Benefits Of Sortation Robots:

    With the implementation of sortation robots, you can easily save some money as you will not have to pay any amount as a salary or other benefits associated with the human workers.
    These solutions are able to work 24/7. This means you will not ever need to close your warehouse.
    They are designed with safety in mind and are programmed with multiple safety routines in order to protect themselves, people or products who work with them.
    They are usually smaller than the forklifts, which clearly means that the aisles between the shelves can indeed be made narrower and improve the amount of space you are possessing in your fulfillment or distribution center to store things.

Autonomous Mobile Robots In A Warehouse:

The autonomous mobile robots in a warehouse are capable of navigating a dynamic environment. They only require a little input for doing so. The industrial environment like construction sites is inherently dynamic. Several manufacturing facilities are gradually becoming a leaner operation. These robots are possessing the capability of operating within such kind of environments.

Benefits Of Autonomous Mobile Robots In A Warehouse:

Increased Flexibility:

Because they rely largely on onboard sensors as well as cameras to operate and not wires or magnetic tape like Automated Guided Vehicles. AMRs epitomize flexible, agile automation.

Increased Safety:

The autonomous mobile robots are coupled to gills with cameras as well as sensors. They enable the AMRs for interpreting and understanding its environment, allowing it to effectively travel within a facility without even colliding with obstacles like infrastructure or product or people.

About GreyOrange Pte Ltd.

Being in the industry for more than a period of 10 years, GreyOrange has established itself as a leading provider of sortation robots along with autonomous mobile robots in a warehouse. The company is holding a big bunch of professionals who provide robust support to the clients in order to help them with queries and problems. The solutions are available at highly affordable rates at the official website of the organization.

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Author: Yemon Arnold

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