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How to Know if your Kit set is still healthy

Author: Sarah Nancy
by Sarah Nancy
Posted: Jul 12, 2019

Everyone who loves makeup must be aware of the fact that keeping your kit set clean and hygiene is very important. If your kit set contains old and expired products, it can cause

irritation or allergy on the skin. Here is how you can find if the products from your kit set have gone bad.

1-Eye Shadow

Most women buy various eyeshadow palettes for different events such as weddings, night parties, brunch with girls, date night and work, etc. luckily most of the palettes that you buy from good brands work for a long time. However, it is necessary to keep them clean so your favorite shades can last for years.

How to know if it’s bad: Apart from the products’ average age, the way you keep them and use them can either increase or decrease their life. If you use already used brushes that can transfer dirt or oil to the palette, it can potentially affect the quality and the color of the product, and after some time, you’ll want to toss it out.

2-Lipstick and Lip Pencils

Some women just can’t survive without lipstick. They have all the signatures shades and keep on updating their collection. Most of the shades lipsticks don’t even last for a few months if not kept with care. However, if you keep them organized and clean, your lipsticks can make up to 365 days.

How to know if it’s bad: When you keep them open, they get dried, and you can’t apply them on your lips anymore. It will look cracked, or it may lose the original shade, and this happens when bacteria are in it.


Even if someone is not so much into makeup, they still keep a mascara to give their eyes a touch up on and off. Though mascara is a favorite makeup item among most people, it still doesn’t last long as many other cosmetics.

As women use it daily (even many time in a day), it should be stored or kept carefully to maintain the quality. If you dip and apply to an area that contains some other fluids, and them double dip the brush into the bottle, you are taking many bacteria and others germs inside it. Such products start to smell off after a while and become thick, and clumsy. It may cause irritation or redness in your eyes so throw it out before you damage your eyes.

4-Nail Polish

Most of the women love to keep a huge collection of nail polishes. Some people even have the nail polishes that they bought in high school. You might have some emotional association with your makeup kit, it’s time to clean it.

After a certain time period, nail polishes become thick, sticky and dry. Though you can add acetone to make the texture thin that doesn’t work most of the time. After a few months, the color changes or the ingredients starts separating from the fluid so it’s a good idea to throw them out for sanitary concerns. Though the chemicals present in nail polishes don’t breed bacteria or other germs, they still look messy.

Apart from keeping the cosmetics clean, people tend to buy those products that come in safe and secure packaging. Professional makeup artists and all the makeup freaks who love to use makeup buy the products from brands that provide the best quality makeup items packed in top-notch and secured boxes. If you are a makeup manufacturer and want to gain the interest of your customers, get custom kit set boxes that are made up of best quality materials and provide great protection to the products inside. These boxes are available in all shapes, styles, sizes, designs, and colors and add so much value to the business.

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Author: Sarah Nancy

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